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Resolved! Client - Media - PureDisk Linux network traffic

Hello everyone.   We have a backup solution and I am trying to find a bottleneck. Configuration is as follows: Veritas SFHA clustered Master server running NBU on RHEL6.1.  Number of Media servers. And 3 pairs of PureDisk 6.5.5 pools as...

Resolved! Unable to change SMTP setting in Puredisk 6.6.5

According to p220 in the "Symantec NetBackup PureDisk™ Backup Operator Guide Release 6.6.4" and my own experiance (on other SPA's). The SMTP setting for event/policy escalations is set in the Gui at Settings>Configuration>Configuration File Templates...

M-NYC by Level 3
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Resolved! postgresql corrupted

Goodmorning,   After a crash of my server the netbackup deduplication engine does't start. I found this in postgresql logs: 2014-09-18 08:20:48 CEST LOG:  database system was interrupted while in recovery at 2014-09-17 16:50:14 CEST 2014-09-18 0...

Resolved! Pure disk reinstallation

Hello Experts, while reinstaling the pure disk client s/w on existing host(agent id:23), what happens if we reinstall the pure disk s/w with different agent ID(agent id 42). How the PD SPA will consider?

Anil_B by Level 4
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Resolved! About Pure Disk

Hi All, Kindly let me know the following few questions about pure disk. 1)what is pure disk? 2)About pure disk architecture? 3)About pure disk deduplication? 4)About pure disk web user interface? 5)Can i know the role of vssadminlist writers re...

Anil_B by Level 4
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Spool and Spad are not starting -2106

Hello,   I'm seeing one of my disk down going under the follow error in the OS (linux):  ./spad --trace Error: 25002: BadValue : (none) File     : /etc/pdregistry.cfg Section  : Symantec/PureDisk/ContentRouter Entry    : ConfigFilePath Reaso...

Luiz_Prina by Level 4
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SLP Duplication Behaviour

Master Server ( nbu01 ) Windows 2008 NetBackup Master Media Server ( nbu02 ) Window 2008 NetBackup Media MSDP with puredisk  Setup storage server load balancing for dedupe pool  nbu01 and nbu02 setup SLP backup to disk then d...

Resolved! Images Not expiring off Disk Netbackup 7.6

Hello I have noticed that one of our PureDiskVolume deduplication disks has filled up (above 95% water mark). I have expired some old images that are no longer required, I have done this but the space has not been cleaned up. I understand there is a...

PureDisk Login Error

Hi, We are not able to login to PureDisk. We get the following error message at the login screen   ; nested exception is: Operation Failed    This w...

AnyKey by Not applicable
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Resolved! Policy Tipe

Hi,    i've this problem....on my system i've configured 2 tape library (1 have lto2 and the other run lto4) and now i would like have a policy first run on disk pool then pass the backup on tape.   Can I do this? How can i create that policies?...

Resolved! multiple "Task ended on server PureDisk:"

Hi I'm getting multiple error messages in the Problems / Disk Log in Netbackup administration console: "Error    0    33280    Task  ended on server PureDisk:SERVERNAME on host SERVERNAME.                nbemm" Jobid=0 Type=33280 Process=nbem...

kybeer by Level 5
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Netbackup exchange 2010 backups failing with error 130

Hi All, From past few days we have been observing error 130 with exchange 2010(DAG)backups, I have checked in various symantec docs and found out issue could either be with circular logging or exchange writers but none of them are issues presently. A...

PureDisk Agent Config File Update is stalled

Hi, I am troubleshooting SPAR replication issue on 6.6.3 PureDisk. On the Destination Storage Pool SPAR jobs start and keep being queued with 0% progress until 24h watchdog kills them. On the Source Storage Pool the SPAR job is killed by watchdog aft...

f25 by Level 4
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CLI Command For Dedup Rates

NBU Experts,   Do any of you know if there is a CLI command  that can tell the dedup rate for all the images created, and stored in a PureDisk pool? For examaple, if I run bpimagelist on the master server I get some good info, but not the dedup rate ...

MSDP status 2074, but volume is not down

Does anyone here have any experience yet using Cisco UCS blades as NBU media servers? We are migrating our existing Oracle x86 and Solaris Sparc media server hardware connecting to Data Domains over NFS, to Cisco UCS blades running Red Hat Linux and ...

Mass delete error messages

When sorting though error messages in Puredisk, we have 33,611 critical error messages. the error itself has been resolved, but I would like to remove these messages. Does anyone know a way to mass delete these? Right now I can only remove them 20 or...