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Activity monitor shows service Down icon


I'm currently facing some strange behavior on my Netbackup Env.

On the Master Server (Windows 2008R2 Virtual Machine), there is permanently a Red Arrow Down icon.

But everything is working, no issue, so job failed, no service down...

From my point of vue, if there is some Red Arrow Down icon means that something is not working properly..

Help will be appreciated.

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I guess it's becaus the ltid

I guess it's becaus the ltid process isn't running. This process will not run if there are not tapes drives installed / defined. See the daemons tab i the activity monitor to verify. It's quite normal to see multiple services in the stopped state because they are not in use. For example - if audit logging is not enabled nbaudit will not run. 

The ltid daemon won't start on a NetBackup server because there are no tape drives defined in the devices database. (vmd doesn't start then and neither does tldd, tl8d, etc.)

DOCUMENTATION: How to verify the required NetBackup (tm) 7.0 daemons / services are up and running on a master server

Thanks for your answer. This

Thanks for your answer.

This is the Windows master server, therefore I agree with you, no device attached.

But the Netbackup Device Manager is set to Disabled. 

And this Red Arrow down is quite new...

The icon indicates a service

The icon indicates a service is down but from your screen shot we cannot see which service.

If the icon is for the Master Server then you need to see which services are not running that should be to isolate which service it relates to.

I would not expect to see this for device manager if the Master is not configured with any drives - so take a deeper look - having said that device manager should be set to manual or auto and not disabled as that could maybe have an effect.

Look for events in the system events viewer on the Master to see which service fails to start when netbackup starts up - this will help identify the problem service initially

No special entries into Event

No special entries into Event Viewer..

Please find a sreen shot from Master Server Services

No 'red arrow down' in your

No 'red arrow down' in your screenshot?

We are still battling to understand where exactly you are seeing this and why it is an issue to you.

The "Red arrow down" appears

The "Red arrow down" appears on the Master Server in the Activity Monitor  

It's an issue to me because I don't think this is the normal behaviour..


If you right click and go to

If you right click and go to about topology , it will show you what each symbol means.

In the activity monitor, click on the services tab and it will show you which service is not running.

Upload a screen shot of the services tab in the activity monitor.


here the screen shot of the

here the screen shot of the services tab in the activity monitor

Try changing the services

Try changing the services that are disabled to manual startup (or even automatic as they wint start if not needed)

The only other things that would cause it is if you have had a tape drive configured on the server (or de-dupe pool) and now the services to make those function are disabled - or - the Master Server is configured as a BMR Master and your BMR service is disabled

I have not seen this otherwise on although it was an issue on earlier versions

It indicates that a service for something that should be functional in not running