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Enterprise Vault/SQL cluster, status 39, and virtual sql server name....

Level 5

Enterprise Vault 9.0. Netbackup 7.5. Microsoft SQL 2005 cluster w/ 3 physical nodes running on Server 2008 R2, with 3 SQL instances running on them (i.e. 3 virtual SQL server names).

The Netbackup, SQL, and Vault environments have been in production a long time w/ no issues. But I just now reconfigured the Netbackup policies for Enterprise Vault in order to take advantage of the built in agent and some of it's features.

Problem is I get a Status 39. Per this, if I change the "Client Name" on the active node of the SQL server, all is well.

But, we have 3 SQL instances (i.e. 3 virtual SQL server names), so there are two problems with that:

  1. If I don't change the name on all three of the nodes, then the Enterprise Vault backups will again fail with a status 39 if the required SQL instance is running on any other node.
  2. If I change the name on all 3 nodes, the Enterprise Vault backups should always work. But since I have 2 other SQL instances (virtual SQL servers) in the cluster, I see failures for the other SQL backups on the other 2 SQL instances?

So, is there any other solution or work around? Otherwise it seems like I just need to pick the lesser of the two evils above, so to speak.


Level 6

We set NetBackup Client name on each node to the virtual name as in the technote.


>> I see failures for the other SQL backups on the other 2 SQL instances?


Change the Client Name in the SQL backup policies to the virtual name as well.



Level 6

Can you try to add the virtual  and the physical  host name to the client list?

Level 6

Think there is an option in the bch script to tell SQL/Netbackup to use an alternative name. 

If remomry serves it called alternate client or browse host.

Hopes this helps



The standard questions: Have you checked: 1) What has changed. 2) The manual 3) If there are any tech notes or VOX posts regarding the issue