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Removing NBU agent from various servers

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Hello my friends,


I need an opinion in what is the best scenario to perform this task. Here in work we're migrating like 1000 machines to a virtual environment, but this 1000 machines have NBU agent installed in each one of them and the manager want to uninstall these agents, because the backup of these machines will be made through vCenter.


They are installed in Windows 2003 and Windows 2008, is there anyway of uninstalling all these 1000 agents without loging in every machine and removing manually?



Thanks in advance.


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Nope, there is not a way to uninstall the agents without logging into them to my knowledge.


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I agree with both replies. No harm in leaving the agents, making file level restore easier and also enabling agent backup (e.g. SQL, Exchange) along with VMDK backup.

Removing software is a 'Windows thing'. I have never heard of any other way than manual uninstall.

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I would suggest check with your Windows administrator and see if in your organisation there is a central software management solution being deployed . otherwise you might have to do it manually if you really need to uninstall the Netbackup agents .



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SCOM shuld be able to uninstall the software.

If backup of the VM's i sperformed by Netbackup & Vsphere you need the agent for file level restore.

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I agree with the others that it is better to leave it installed but if that is not an option then there is the silentuninstall.cmd file in the original source location (where you installed the clients from) which you could use on a mass basis

Do bear in mind though that to uninstall you would need to identify the patch levels on all clients first as usually you need to roll the patches back one at a time first and then finally uninstall the GA product

You could probably work on a silent uninstaller for the patches too

Hope this gives some guidance


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Adding to Mark's excellent post, you mae be able to uninstall patch using modified silentpatch.cmd. silentpatch.cmd is batch file for applying patch, but adding "-u" option to setup.exe in this file, this works for rollbacking patch. I have tested with NetBackup