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Unable to Up selected drive

Level 3
I am getting this error on all my Windows Media servers.. The servers them selves show the drive as down when you do a tpconfig -d. All my Unix media servers show them as TLD. I get " the drive is not ready or inoperable" Nothing has changed in the enviroment. i had our SAN guy check the mappings and they were fine. ANY IDEAS??? Possiable bad drive?????

Level 3
Hey there,
It's unlikely that all your drives are bad... But, then, it could be an issue with your tape library, if you have one. I've had issues where a couple of my drives showed as down, but upon closer inspection (literally going to the library and looking) I saw that I had two tapes occupying the culprit drives. I had to manually eject them from the library's console. You may want to power down the library bring it back up and then restart the server. Those are just my suggestions.

Level 3
Yeah i do have a robotic library.. I have a Spectralogic T950. I plan on restarting it tomarrow and see what happens.

Thanks for the advise!

Level 3
I have experienced this often as well. Rather than going down physically to the tape library to check if there are tapes stuck, you can also try runnning the robtest utility from the server which controls the robot.

Doing a show drive on the robtest will list whether there are any tapes in the drives.

Level 4
what was the result of restarting the library?

we have an issue sometimes that sounds very similar to yours. we have acsls and stk 9940s, and sometimes when one of our drives is replaced or a tape drive is not seen by the server's hba for some reason, ms plug n play shuffles the drives in device manager and can screw up NB tape drive configurations. if the drive is offline, you can see this by looking for "ghost" drives. When you add the drives you can see the OS assigned "Device Name" (ie Tape0, Tape1). this assignment can change but NB does not change with it. Thus, if NB configurations and MS do not match up NB will notice this and down the drive.

i don't think this is only an issue with stk drives and acsls bc of the way we have to configure them in NB but veritas does wirte of this issue in the 6.0 release notes.