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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Duplicate backups are failing with status 191

    Hello,   i am facing this error during the duplication job.... job is failing with status 191. below output is extracted from bpdm on master server.    Netbackup server 7.0 on windows 2k3 r2 Exchange 2010   02:42:56.278 [9968.9372] <2> s-ibackup:...

Usman_Ali1 by Level 3
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Informacion de nuestros entornos.

Hola.   Soy Fernando García, me parece muy interesante este grupo de discusión para poder compartir conocimientos y experiencias. A ver si poco a poco vamos creciendo y creando una comunidad.  Me ha parecido interesante hacer una breve descripción de...

Resolved! NetBackup for SAP - Archive Log Restore problem

Hello,       I am performing restore of SAP. Using SAPDBA utility I have restored SAP Database "brrestore -d util_file -b last -m full -c force". But it does not restore archive logs. To make database running it requires log files.    I have searched...

Patil by Level 3
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Resolved! Netbackup - MSDP storaged CRITICAL ERROR

Hi all, I need assitance because after a full file system of my MSDP server I've got this message in the storaged.log:   Reason     : ERROR:  could not extend relation 1663/16387/270426: No space left on device HINT:  Check free disk space. June 28 0...

RMAN backup failed with channel allocation error

Hi All, My NBU version is The Oracle is running AIX 6. We configured RMAN backup, on and off the following error will occurred:   RMAN-03009: failure of backup command on ch03 channel at 05/19/2012 00:52:22 ORA-27192: skgfcls: sbtcl...

wilsonchong by Level 4
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Resolved! Oracle RMAN backps to MSDP

Hi, Cant we write oracle Rman backps to MSDP(Pure disk)?We have lot of MSDP space but less advanced disk but they are not using this Puredisk space for RMAN backups,WHY?. Thanks, Naseer    

Resolved! Policies associated with a client

Hi All,   I need to list out all the polices associated with a particular client. For ex: If I have a client called 'abc'. I need a command line that gives all the policies associated with 'abc'. Thanks, RAJ

raj08 by Level 4
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Status 13 on UNIX Server file system backup

Hello, I have a UNIX client that is failing to back up. All recent backups have consistently failed with status 13 errors after writing a handful of files. The job details from the most recent failure follow: 06/26/2012 19:00:00 - Info nbjm (pid=165...

Resolved! auto-discovery streaming mode policy backup selections list syntax

I have a 7+TB Windows client that I need to break up into multiple streams.  It looks like auto-discovery streaming mode will do the job but I do not understand the required syntax for the policy backup selections list.   Is the following valid?  Wil...

GlenG by Level 4
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VM Flash Restore fails with a status 5 netbackup 7.0.1

Trying to run  a restore of a server using ESX vSphere Client, we have two sites, one site restores work ok, the other fails with status 5. In the BPVMUTIL log i see the following errors:   15:40:30.314 [2376.10992] vmwareLogger: Login: Server 'https...

Dave_Ford by Level 2
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Monitoring netbackup services

Hi, I need a very big help, I want to write a script which will check for status of netbackup process/daemons on master,media server and gives output of services/process not running.I am still a begginer in writing scripts,new to linux and not sure w...

Resolved! Unable to configure drive on media server........

Hi All , Please find the below scenarion. I have 2 liabrary with 22 Tape drives and configured on Master Server with SSO options.And also configured on other Media Server's. Now we added New Media Server in this list but after configuration able to s...

Oracle Snapshot backup for DLP

DLP doesn't recommend to have HOT backup of backend Oracle DB However we cannot shut down DLP application and take offline backup NetBackup does supports snapshot and Oracle backups with RMAN. Need to know how to get it integrated Did referred NBU ad...

V4 by Level 6
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Resolved! Status 200 message "scheduler found no backups due to run

Hello,  We are  updating are clients to a calendar base schedule, I updated a Solaris client policy the other day and the FULL backup failed with a status code 200 "scheduler found no backups due to run . I setup the same policy again yesterday and l...

SharePoint 2010 April CU broke GRT backup

I have had the SharePoint GRT backup running successfully in my environment for several months. On June 7th the Sharepoint admin applied the SharePoint 2010 April Cumulative update. At that point the GRT backup ceased to work. It looks as if Netbacku...

Nauset by Level 2
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