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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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unable open Netbackup console

Hi, I have installed the Netbackup 6.5 server with the local account (system built -in account) and now i have changed all the service to run under on service account which we have created. i have restarted all the netbackup services and tried to o...

Duplication from VTL

Hi folks, All our policies are all currently backing up to VTL, via 3 schedules Daily schedule, incremental, 13 day retention Weekly - full backup, 30 day retention Monthly - full backup, 365 day retention - last weekend of every month We ha...

ianG by Level 5
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Resolved! tpconfig -emm_dev_list

Drive:                          D35 Index:                          0 Drive Type:                     hcart(3) Media Server:                   g08 Occupy Index:                   0 Opr Count:                      0 Status:                    ...

rookie11 by Moderator
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Resolved! virtual machines cold backup and shutdown script

Hi all, We are currently using Netbackup 6.5.4 to backup our VMWare virtual machines with VCB. We typically have a few policies (one by datastore), so our VM are hot-backed up in sequence by datastore. However, we have several machines that will ne...

match by Level 2
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SharePoint 2007 farm DR

Hi, Anyone have experience in successfully recreate a SharePoint farm in DR environment from backups? I went through the documentations and collected bits and pieces of information here and there, but did not have any information about the sequence...

BMR Mass Storage Driver (MSD) problem. Error code = 1

Hi Everyone, I was hoping someone could shed some light on this issue i've ben having perfroming Dissimilar hardware BMR. I am restoring a Windows 2003 X64 server in RAID 1 to a new hardware configuration which is using a Dell H700 SAS RAID config...

Resolved! Getting Errno 22 when backing up on DB2 server

Hello all! We just installed Netbackup 6 on multiple AIX 6.1 servers, two of which are DB2 servers (v9.5, for the record).  Once we started running backup jobs on those servers, we started getting messages similar to the following in the job logs f...

le_jawa by Not applicable
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image Clean up jobs in 6.5.5

All, I have noticed that at times my image clean up jobs do not free up space on the disk after the image has been duplicated to tape.  I have set my high water mark on the disk to 50%.  I notice sometimes the image clean up will clean up the disk w...

kproehl by Level 5
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Resolved! Netbackup 6.0 Version MP7S01 installed on Redhat Linux

Folks, Need a memory refresh.  Withing the NB Administration Console and expanding on Host Properties, and then expanding on Master Servers, I see my Master Server listed (candystore).  When expanding on Clieints, nothing is listed.  Shouldn't I se...

dbeck by Level 5
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WIN32 112: There is not enough space on the disk

Having a hard time finding any results on this error, Symantecs knowledge base doesnt return anything at all and if i narrow it down all it shows is irrelevent 156 errors. I have a Win2K client that is configured with VSP, Netbackup 6.5.5 and there...

NBSL and other services won't start after 6.0 MP7 install

I recently upgraded from Nbup 6.0 MP4 to MP7.  Numerous services will not start on the master server now including NBSL.  Anyone run into this or know how to fix?  I've tried reinstalling MP7 and even tried removing it.  Both return errors saying the...

Moeman by Level 4
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Resolved! Exit status 72?

The skinny: Master server: Solaris 10, NBU v6.5.4 2 Medias, same as above We're attempting to back up Exchange 2007 using CCR.  I've had my Exchange admin create the necessasry registry keys, and I've performed the steps in NetBackup that are liste...

Resolved! Windows client backups hanging up on /vrts_image_size_record

Hello, Some of my windows client (windows 2003)  backups (version 6.5.4x64) are hanging up on /vrts_image_size_record and I have to cancel the job and in most cases reboot the backup server. I've added this file to the exclusion list but Im not sure...

Resolved! Netbackup Tape Drive configuration

Hi, I have 1 Quantum Scalar 50 Tape library and 2 HP Ultrium LTO-4 tape drives, i have already configured the library and drives and it is working. I have few clarification on the tape drive configuration, In Netbackup Admin guide for windows it ha...

Resolved! Problem after update from 6.5.4 -> 6.5.6

Hello community I ran into a strange problem yesterday when I updated our test environment from 6.5.4 (ran like that for months now) to 6.5.6. The environment consists of 2 SLES10SP2 server, one configured as Master-/Mediaserver and one just as a M...

Resolved! Fairly new but trying to learn quickly about loading the "CAP"

Hi, I have a job that creates a monthly backup that has a policy called [masterservername]-offsite-a and a scedule called offsite.  How do I take that 1 or 2 tapes and have them loaded in the CAP so I can easily grab them and send them offsite?  I ha...

Veritas Backup Reporter report day

We have recently started using Veritas Backup Reporter.  Previously we did all our reporting through the NOM.  In the NOM you could specify a report day that matched your backup window.  For example our backup window is from 7am - 7am so we would wan...

shmee by Level 2
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