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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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SQL Backup is failing with error code 58.

Hi, One of our critical MS-SQL server backup is failing with error code 58. Master server(HP-UX) NBU Version: 6.0 MP6 Client Server(Win2K3) NBU version: 6.0 MP4? Can you pls help me to resolve the issue as earlier?  

Max Jobs per Policy

I know there is a max jobs/client but does one exist for policies?  I just upgraded to 6.5.4 and I've noticed I have identical policy/schedules running at the same time.  Example, I have a policy that runs at 0700, it runs WAY outside the window beca...

Status 24

hi guys, all of a sudden i started getting status 24 on my backups.  can anyone tell me what the problem is? Thanks

Quick / Long Erase Fails

Software Verison: Netbackup Verison Hi Chaps, I am running in to a problem trying to erase tape, it keep saying that no drives are available for this operation. See the log below: 28/08/2009 15:28:28 - begin Erase 28/08/2009 15:28:28 - s...

MaxDB Backups via Netbackup

Hi everybody,   I need some assistance setting up a backup for a MaxDB.   I am using Netbackup 6.5 running on Windows 2003 and the MaxDB is also on a windows 2003 server.   I need to know how to setup this backup from scratch and I have no idea where...

NolanE by Level 4
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Resolved! DSSU Import

Hey Everyone, I am taking backup to disk from NBU. There are some expired backup images on the disk from I want to restore some data. I want to BAR GUI but there isn't anything listed as these backups has already crossed their retention period. I ...

Netbackup are running for too long time

I am using Netbackup 6.5 to backup my database with RMAN. I am using their script to backup to tap drive. I got the problem related the elapsed time is 2 hours to backup a 300G big datafile... ******************************...

Backup in Queue

Hi Friends i am facing a problem in netbackup. i create storage unit and i am going to take backup through that storage unit.once i initiate backup backup going in queue in activity monitor.nothing showing in detail status of job.Drives are avilable...


Hi Friends Can i used ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES in backup selection list in unix client.if yes then what will happen which mount points it will take backup. please help.

Netbackup Ports for firewall - Info requested

Greetings, I'm looking for specific info on ports that are required for Netbackup 6.5x. It would be nice to have a map that showed: Client -> Master - Port 13724 Master -> Client - Port 13724 so....13724 needs to be bi-directional Also port 1556 is...

DPeaco by Moderator
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Display Backup schedule

Does anyone know of an easy way to printout/display the schedules/times of all the policies. I want to do a comparison to optimize the backup time and right now I think we have an large number of policies running during the same time window. I've bee...

Resolved! Netbackup Scripts UNIX/AIX

Looking for NUB 6.5.3 script examples. Does anyone know of a good website to look at to (script-out) automate some of the jobs on NBU 6.5.3? My OS = is currently running on AIX 6 Thanks Jay Son

Jay_Son by Level 5
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NBU command line to add Exclusion list to Windows platform

NBU = 6.5.3 OS = AIX version 6 I was hoping someone can tell me if there is a NBU command to add a path to the Exclusion List. Ultimately, I'd like to create a script to be able to automatically prompt me for a client/server name. Then the repetitiv...

Jay_Son by Level 5
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Bare Metal Restore of V20z

Hi, We have got a Solarix V20z server installed with Win 2003 OS. Yesterday the server crashed & we have got the bare metal backup of the server. When we try to do a BMR from Boot server, it is getting stuck at 'Starting Network Service'. We have t...

Bish by Not applicable
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Resolved! NetBackup MSSQL not truncating log

Hello, I'm running NB log policy over several mssql servers, I'm having some problem because after log backup, the log is not truncated and I'm getting some space problems. NB 6.5.3  MSSQL client OK   6.5.3 files      OK online  OK diff        O...

Migrate/move Netbackup 6.5.4 media server to new hardware.

Are there any instructions for moving a NetBackup 6.5.4 Solaris media server to new hardware?  I don't believe the server will have the same name or IP.  It will also be a different class of server, going from desktop/workgroup teir (V880) to the dep...

Resolved! available_media command not working

I am getting below error while running available_media =========================================== [root@kodiak tmp]# available_media tail: cannot open `+3' for reading: No such file or directory media   media   robot   robot   robot   side/   ret...

Migration NBU 5.0 Sol9 to NBU 6.5 Sol10 Best Practice?

Hi Netbackup forum team. After all, thank for let me be part of this forum. Current configuration : NetBackup Enterprise Server 5.0 Operative System Solaris 9 Sparc. Future configuration: Netbackup Enterprise Server 6.5.x Operative System Solaris...