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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Oracle agent archivelog question

Is the NBU Agent for Oracle supposed to delete the archivelog files after a successful backup? If so, why isn't mine?..... Any answers greatly appreciated.David

Linux Redhat ES 3.4 question

Hi, I have NBU 4.5 MP6 installed and am looking to install media server s/w on linux redhat ES 3.4. However I believe 4.5 FP6 is needed as a minimum patch level for this OS.I don't particularly want to upgrade my master at the moment so my questio...

Backup policy doubts

Hi,I would want to know what are the prerequisites for starting a backup on a different cleint?For ex: if NB is installed on a Solaris machine and I am trying to take a backup of files on a Windows 2000 client, what are the pre conditions for it?Than...

Restore Netware data to Windows server

Recently implemented NetBackup 5.1 Server for Windows 2003. Currently backing up Netware 5.1 servers in Target configuration and 6 Windows 2003 servers. Is it possible to restore the contents of a Netware 5.1 target (volume) to a Windows file server?

How stop "In Progress" Backup Job

Hi,we use Netbackup Server 5.0. A have stoped a job for a Client but the "Job tracker" shows still "in progress". How can I end the backup job without restart the server???Thanks for your helpMelanie

exchange restore failed

I have a problem with restore my information store (exchange 5.0).When I restore my Information Store in a other server (where Exchange is installed and is the environment test) I look this error:Error bpbrm(pid=3072) from client exchangetest: ERR - ...

Mark_M by Level 4
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tape config enrty at /kernel/drv/st.conf

Hi,Is the following entries for /kernel/drv/st.conf for "Solaris 8" correct ?tape-config-list="HP Ultrium 2-SCSI", "HP Ultrium", "ULTRIUM2";ULTRIUM2 = 1,0x36,0,0xd639,4,0x40,0x00,0x00,0x00,3;Thanks.Sean

Sean_- by Level 5
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Backup copies

Hi,How do you make copies of the backup on NetBackup? Can you schedule a copy of the backup after the backup has run (as in post backup)?Also, can you make copies simultaneously with the backups?When you create a new backup policy, what are the defau...

Catalog Import on remote server

I'm trying to follow this document in order to import a specific client's catalog images onto a different server without having to import all the tapes individually.I don't however understand the last ...

Oracle RMAN: Failed to load Media Manager Library

Hi!I am trying to backup Oracle 9i on Windows with Netbackup Enterprise Server 5.0. I use template wizard.But here's an error from RMAN:*************************************************************INF - RMAN-00571: ===================================...

restores from inactive policy

We have backups of a netapp system that went belly up. Because the netapp is no longer available, the policy has been deactivated. Can'tbackup what isn't there :)I have a couple of questions.Do the tapes remain available for restores for only as long...

Resolved! bpimagelist

Hi,The bpimagelist has changes on NB5.0 & NB5.1 compared to NB4.5.I use the command "bpimagelist -hoursago -M -l.On NB4.5, this returns 43 tokens.On NB5.0 & NB5.1, this returns 50 tokens.I would want to know the difference in the tokens.Also, is th...

LTO1 and LTO2 drives together in one library

Hi,I have StorageTek L80 library with two LTO1 and one LTO2 drive inside. In library are only LTO1 tapes.LTO2 drive is configured as hcart2. Why LTO2 drive can't write or read on LTO1 tapes? (they change status to DOWN after load LTO1 tape)Why LTO2 d...

Missed policies and clients

Hi,Some of my Policies are not executing even after there schedule.also in one of the policy one client's backup doesn't start even thought the other clients's backup in the same policy starts.Any ideas? Is there a Patch? Or am i misconfiguring?

MayurS by Level 6
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Encrypted file Restore in windows

Hi All,I am unable to restore Encrypted files from Veritas 3.2 on windows, can anyone help me for the same....Its very urgentPlz. help.With RegardsDev

Minimizing Total Required Media for Backups

Weve recently moved from Backup Exec to NetBackup and noticed that our total required media per evening has doubled.We have turned off multiplexing to see if that is the cause, however, this has not helped. Any tips or suggestions are appreciated.Th...

Status 50 on vault

I am having an issue with a recent upgrade to 5.1. when I try to run some of our vault profiles I am getting a status 50. I checked the troubleshooter and all it said was that the master may have been rebooted, it has not. Can anyone point me in t...

Master Sever V's Media Server

As I understand it the Media Server is a "helper" for the Master server. The master server takes care of everything. However, when does the media server come into play? If using SSO unless one specifies use the media server within the policy it will ...

New 5.1 Install / Planning (Solaris).

We have a V4.5 environment and we are going to upgrade to V5.1. As the entire 4.5 is a mess (someone didn’t know what they were doing, before I arrived) we are going to build a new environment with V5.1. Fortunately we have low retention periods. So ...