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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Tape media server is not active,

Hi All,I am using Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition SP2, NetBackup, and Dell PowerVault 124T as the Tape Library. I have a weird issue setting up Media Server. When I configure storage devices from home. I am able to detect the Robot an...

Duplication Job Fails

Hello All,NBU Master: 2K8 R2I am facing few issues with duplication jobs.Everytime they are triggered,they go in queued and job state state says "Drives are in Use" although i have drives which are active and ready for use.Secondly.they ...

SHEKAIB1 by Level 1
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Resolved! Can't see file level in BAR on a linux VM

Master server: 7.7.1 on RHEL 6. VM in question on RHEL 6 also.I have done backups of this host in a VM intelligent policy (VMware). I can see VM-level fine of the host to restore:  For some weird reason I am not able to see file-level of the VM to re...

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spitman by Level 5
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NetBackup Archive bit processing

Hi all,I havent been on here for a long time so hello :).I wanted to post something that worried and disturbed me slightly regarding using the archive bit to backup windows servers. It all looks great on the covers but there is an issue which I dont ...

Hyper backup is failing with status 6

Hello All,I am facing the issues with HYPER backups.1) 2 Vms backup is failing with status 6.2) backup is getting successful for other 20 Vms under the same HYPER V manager host.3) Backup is failing with status 90 : media managet not found the data f...

Resolved! Tape backup read label

Hi All,Recently the customer request me a restore information, I find the information in a tape and I mounted it, but when I request information from inventory, the system show me the name of tape different than when this tape was written. In this ca...

Can I access a diskpool from 2 separate storage servers ?

Hello,I am experiencing slow restore times due to our network configuration. We have 2 domains in 1 data center, and I have a DD with network connections on each domain. So is backing up to a diskpool on a dd2500 via storage serve...

LT2013 by Level 4
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Resolved! nbdisco not starting

Hi Team,We have NBU hosted on windows 2008, its clustered master using Veritas SFWHA.Whenever we restart NBU services, the nbdisco service  starts and them stops and causes cluster to fault.Please advice.Regrads,BShet

BVshet by Level 5
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Resolved! Raw partition restore on linux

To restore a raw partition backup to alternate linux server on new disk, Do we need to have the target disk with same name as source disk from where backup was taken ?Example if the sourc is /dev/dm-13 can the target be /dev/dm-3 with same size ??

MJaggi by Level 3
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Tape Import

GuysPlease advise is it possible to import tape which was in Linux master server to Windows Master server ?Import tape(Linux Master ) to Windows Master

7.7.3 Java Console won't cancel jobs

Ok, I remember a thread about this but can't find it.  What's the fix for 7.7.3 Java Console on Win2k8 not canceling jobs?The option is there, it behaves like it should, asks the right questions, but the job never cancels... <EDIT>SLP Window Closures...

D_Flood by Level 6
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Resolved! MS-Windows policy and VSS question

Hi everyone,Just a quick question regarding an MS-Windows policy and VSS. Does the policy backup from the VSS snapshot or does it only use VSS for open files?If the backup takes 7 hours, is there a chance of backing up changes files during that 7 hou...

Djoy by Level 2
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Resolved! Netbackup and DD Over FC

Good Day GuysI have configured DD over FC with Media server and wanted to run morethan 200 clients over the FC.Is there any best practices should i use ?DD and Media Server are zoned to same FC-Switchis it possible to use DD over IP and FC at the sam...

Resolved! brainstorming on upgrade to 7.7.x

NBU we are moving to SQL Server 2014 with AlwaysOn (AG), it has been suggested that i upgrade from to 7.7.3 in order to have support for AG. this is just thinking out loud (might also help others) so if you have anything to say plea...

manatee by Level 6
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Resolved! nbu stops sending alert emails

NBU have previously configured the clients to send email alerts for backup status of either 0 or non-zero. it was working fine until yesterday.i'm using Linux for my master/media server and have checked sendmail from the CLI  and it is sendi...

manatee by Level 6
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exchange granular configuration problems

Hello Everyone, Im strugling with the configuration of granularity, the problem is that I followed all the steppes in the guide but I cant see the mailboxes in the client list attribute when configuring the backup. So Let me show you what I got:The m...

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manol4ik by Level 5
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