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CA Database Schema - SQL Querying

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Hi there - I am currently looking to build some custom SQL queries against the CA database but am struggling to understand the various tables and their relationships.

Is anyone aware of where I can find a data relationship diagram, CA data model schema, or data dictionary to assist?

As a temporary option, I am looking at the IntDiscoveredItems table which I understand are similar to the alerts produced when certain hotwords are hit. However I am unsure how to link this table back to the IntHotwordID table?

Any help is much appreciated.


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Hello, andyazz1234;

We don't publish any documentation on the relationships between the different tables in the CA (or DA) databases.  That's proprietary information.  Sorry.

What I can tell you is:

1. We don't keep track of the numbers of hits found in each search.  That's an enhancement request that we've received from a small number of customers, but has not made it into the product as yet.

2. The tblIntHotword table contains information that can relate the individual Hotwords to the specific Department or Departments in which they have been configured for use.

3. The tblIntDiscoveredItems table contains the items captured through Random Sampling or searches that have been added to the review set.  Items in searches that are awaiting acceptance or rejection are in a different table.

If you want to get an idea of table relationships, you can create a database diagram for a specific table and its related tables.  That's what I do when I need to find out what tables are related to others that I've not used before.

I hope this helps.  Sorry for not responding sooner.  We've been busier than expected lately.

Kind regards,


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Can you give more details on what you want the query to do? What type of info are you trying to query?