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How to deploy Backup Exec via the AWS Marketplace

How to deploy Veritas Backup Exec on AWS Marketplace.Veritas Backup Exec provides simple, rapid, and secure offsite backup to AWS for your in-house virtual and physical environments and protects cloud-based workloads in AWS. Veritas Backup Exec helps...

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How to deploy Backup Exec via the Azure Marketplace

How to deploy Veritas Backup Exec on Azure Marketplace.Veritas Backup Exec provides simple, rapid, and secure offsite backup to Azure for your on-premises environments and protects cloud-based workloads in Azure. Veritas Backup Exec helps customers r...

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Useful links for Upgrading Backup Exec

At its most basic, the upgrade procedure for Backup Exec is simply running installation media for the most recent version on an existing Backup Exec server. Backup Exec 15, 16 and 20 can be upgraded to Backup Exec 21 with this method. Article 1000443...

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Hide server in a managed backup exec

Hello.   I have an scenario that i have one Bkp Exec 2012 with enterprise option ( CASO ) and one managed server for now, but in the future it will have 8 more Bkp Exec sites being managed by CASO The only problem is : I can see the servers in the...

timgarbim by Level 4
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Resolved! BE 12.5: Import selectionlist for restore

Hello, Question, I have an Excel sheet with file locations (more than 500) that I want to restore. Is it possible to import this list for my restore selectionlist? It will be a hell of a job to add every single file (different locations) in a selecti...

Resolved! 12.5 Unable to Restore Database "grayed out"

I have backed up my oracle 11 database for months.  I am testing a restore of the database.  I clicked the restore wizard , expand my machine name, and see the Oracle Database which I have backed up.  I click on it,  and  and the right hand window ha...

Resolved! catalog backup

  i m backing up 4 server on backupexec server 2010 using backup to disk on a portable disk.we do not have any tape drive or standalone drive configured. how to take catalog backup plz explain all the steps.    

rookie11 by Moderator
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Resolved! changer.cfg and folder.cfg files

  i m backing up 4 server on backupexec server 2010 using backup to disk on a portable disk.   disk 1 has individual job name folders in it and .bak files under it.  what are changer.cfg and folder.cfg files   if i insert a blank formatted disk will ...

rookie11 by Moderator
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Resolved! Job failing b/c can't attach to resource & System State error

Well, it's a new day which means I've got a NEW Backup Exec problem.  Oh goodie. This job has been running fine but all of the sudden today I get this error (see snapshot) - and yes, the account has admin rights.  Any ideas?  (I've searched the site ...

Resolved! Backup Exec 2010 - Backing up TO a NAS Device

Hello,   I recently upgraded from Backup Exec 12.5 to Backup Exec 2010 R3 with SP 2 and the latest Hotfixes and updates.   I am having an issue backing up to a NAS device on our network. It is a D-Link DNS 320 device.   The backup I am sending to the...

Resolved! BE 2012: Changed default size of bkf files

Hi all, I noticed that with Backup Exec 2012 there was a change in the default bkf file size. In previous versions the default was 4GB and I always was of the opinion that it shouldn't be bigger in case of corruption of a single bkf file. With Backup...

Final Error 0xe0000383 -failed to log on to microsoft windows

Dear All, Thaks a lot in advance for all the help, I have a symantec back up exec 2010 running on windows server 2008 R2 std edition, we are taking back up of Microsoft exchange server  2010 running on 2008 R2 to the a partiotion on the machine where...

IdrisEzzy by Level 4
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How backup Sharepoint 2010 in Backup Exec 2012

Hi all, I need help with backup of Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 (MOSS) environment.... I have one MS 2008 R2 server with MOSS installed, this server has all MOSS databases stored on different server (MS SQL 2008). When I'm trying backup these databases ...

Resolved! Searching old backups in BE2012

Hello we are using BE for a years ( upgrading ) but still on the same databse. We are now backing up few servers lets say : C,D, E, F, G. Few years ago we had server : A, B, C My question is: How do i search for backups of server A, when my server b...

Lechu54 by Level 3
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grundlegende Backupeinrichtung

Hallo, ich teste gerade Backup Exec (soll später SBS Version werden). Dabei soll ein SBS 2008 komplett gesichert werden: 1 x pro Monat komplett Disaster Recovery (C:, Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint, Systemstate) 1 x pro Tag danach C: inkrementell 1 x pro ...

regtrans-ms file

where should i find the regtrans-ms file? the files seems hidden. I cannot view from windows explorer. (checked show hidden file option) bytheway, can i use current BE2010 license with BE2012 ?  

Deduplizierung zu langsam

Guten Morgen! wir sichern momentan jede Nacht auf Festplatte, wobei am Wochenende zusätzlich eine Kopie der Vollsicherung auf Band geschrieben wird. Seit vergangener Woche sichern wir nun in einen Deduplizierungsordner. Diese Sicherung lässt von der ...

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Resolved! Backup Exec 2012 Restore Problem

Hi All, I have installed Backup Exec 2012 recently and I have problem in restore section of this new version. Backup jobs are running without any issues but when it comes to restore, "Rstore" tab is not enabled, it's Grayed. But searc is working and ...