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EV 8.0.3 Offline Vault cache file show different size on 2 PCs

Level 4

I try to troubleshoot Offline Vault case. Since some EV emails able to show the content and attached file during PC are offline (not connected in network). Some EV email do not show full email cotent and leave EV URL link only.


1. Exchange 2003

2. Outlook 2003

3. EV 8.0.3 (Server and client)

Step I took:

1. I enable PC name: PC_A to enable Cached mode, change max cached size to 3 GB. After 1st synchronization, it took 2.67 GB on current cache size. No of items in Cached: 12733.

2. Enable PC name: PC_B to enable Cached mode, change max cached size to 5 GB. After 1st synchronization, it took  768 MB on current cache size. No of items in Cached: 3177.

Content Synchronization status: Complete on both PCs. I manually trigger few times to synchronize both PCs. It got same cache size.



1. If I suspect EV emails do not download / synchronize, how could I trigger flush download EV email again ?

2. How could I make sure all EV email download /synchronize to local PC Offline Cache file  ? I expect my case meet that issue.


Level 6
Partner Accredited Certified
Sometimes you have to redraft outlook toget it to download in an appropriate amount of time, however if you get a BITS download monitor, I see some of the vault cache builds be put in a hold status and I then force t to download and it it then starts downloading immediately Other than that it can vary depending on if BITS is throttled (maybe it's machine specific due to GPO) also depending on the time of day when ev maybe be busier Also check out gertjans favorite page :) Http://yourEVServer/EntepriseVault/vcview.aspx

Level 4


1. I reset EV Cache folder.

2. Change Max size thru Reg change.