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High availability Diagram review requested

Dear Tech Gurus,   Can you please review attached diagram of High availabilty for Enterprise Vault. I wanted you professionals to review it once, before I present it.   I thank you in advance for your assistance and feedback. Regards, Gautam

Resolved! Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 & Mavericks Menu Greyed out

Working in a production environment integrating Exchange 2007 EV10.0.4 wih Macs Office 2011. (Windows EV and Outlook 2010 already funstioning) I have searched these KB's on Symantec and cannot see an article specifically answering why after install...

Mavericks and Outlook 2011 for Mac

We have recently upgraded our EV to 10.0.4. We have installed the Outloook plugin to a Mac running Mavericks and Outlook 2011 Version 14.3.0 (121105). I can manually store and restore but the mail icons do not change on the Mac, they do change if you...

Resolved! Vaulted emails and delegations

Hi.  We have users who receive delegation to other users emails.  Our domain policy is vaulting the emails after 90 days.  When the user goes into the vaulted emails that have been vaulted under someone else's username, they are not able to download ...

mbutler99 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Outlook Shared Mailbox Vault

  I’m running into one hold up with how I need to use the Vault of a Shared Mailbox. When logged into Outlook as the shared mailbox profile everything works as expected, I can move emails into the Vault, delete emails in the Vault, etc. However, when...

Resolved! Enterprise Valut

Symantec Vault facing problem while deleting mail of journaling database it is saying error "you are no authorized

Mohankumar_K by Level 4
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Resolved! Managed Retention Folders and Expiry

Hello All,    I have a quick question and I am new to EV so please bare with me.  Currently our organization has a default retention policy for all messages that retains forever and Expiry is disabled.  Exchange 2007 Managed Custom Folders have been ...

Resolved! EV causing Exchange 2010 mail queues to go up

Hi Folks,   Encounter an issue recently. In the morning I realise my Exchange 2010 queue viewer consist large amount of mail queues. When you randomly double click on the mail in the queue, it state that the mail intended to goto the journal mailbox ...

Resolved! Accidental archiving of all mailboxes

Hello,   I had to do Exchange Mailbox Archiving of a few mailboxes but when I run the task I had accidentally selected 'All Mailboxes'.  When I realised my mistake (instantly!) I immediately stopped the task.  Then started it again once stopped - is ...

Resolved! EV wrong shortcut creation

We have installed the MS office 2010 with EV 9.0.2 Outlook Plug-in Http, our EV server is use https to communicate with client. When I try to open the archived email and archive explorer, it will show 404 error even on the OWA. After the checking, ...

Resolved! SEV 8 Collection and empty folders

We have collections enabled on our journaling stores.  the information is collected and stored in cab files correctly but the original folders structure stay intact.  These folders are empty and don’t seem to be used.  We use netbackup for backup.  N...

Resolved! Querying Archive/mailbox size from EV SQL server

I'm trying to create a inventory of the archives in our EV environment. I'm looking for a way to find out the size of the archive related to a Exchange(2003) mailbox. 1. Is the size of the archive ( sum of size of the mails archived per mailbox) stor...

Resolved! MAC OS X plugin

Hello, We have an ev 9.0.1 environment for mail archiving. I'm doing some testing with the mac os x plugin with entourage. I'm experiencing something I can't seem to get resolved. On the enterprise vault toolbar that shows up when starting entourage ...

JB22 by Level 5
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Resolved! Migrating from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010

I had a few questions on moving from an Exchange 2007 server to Exchange 2010. I have read through the white paper explaining this, but needed some further clarification. We are currently running Enterprise Vault 9 and archiving from Exchange 2007. W...