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Resolved! Cannot move or delete email over 50MB

We have EV 11 in our environment. When users search and try to delete or move email they get the error the thee are files over 50MB that cannot be delete or moved. Where can I change this value?

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Migration - Age Query

Hello, I'm setting up new Enteprise Vault 11 environment. Our existing EV 10 vaults will be migrated to this new environment using a third party tool. This new environment will have a two tiered vault store solution where files and email will be pu...

PST migration report shows wrong details

Hi Ac customer archiving PST files, in the reports we see the following: Items archived: 0 (of 53524)  Items failed archiving: 0  Items not eligible for archiving because of PST Migration Policy setting: 53524  Items moved to mailbox: 53524 (of ...

Resolved! Rebuild entire Index volume from Vaultstoredata

Hi I need to rebuild the entire Index volume in EV9 after a SAN crash. There is no backup to help so I need to rebuild the index volume from Vault Store data. Which is the best approach to do this?

Patric_E by Level 3
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EV deletion of Journal Vault Store

Hi I have EV10 on two EV virtual machines. The first VM does user mailbox archiving and the second VM archives the journal mailbox. Both servers use internal drives for the Vault Stores and Indexes etc. There is a single vault store group and the s...

KeirL by Level 6
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SharePoint Upgrade and Enterprise Vault

Hi, We are currently om Enterprise Vault and SharePoint 2007, and looking ot upgrade SharePoint 2007 to SharePoint 2013. Can someone advise the best way to migrate/manage the content that has already been archived by Enterprise Vault? ...

Resolved! Script based PST migration

Hi All,   We need to do script based PST migration.   Kindly suggest and share the script and method on which we can run and execute the same.     Regards, Vipul Desai

Vipul_Desai by Level 4
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Resolved! Event ID 41107

I'm seeing this error for some mailboxes when running the provisioning task. I've tried applying the registry fix below: I have rerun the provisioning task and don't get the e...

Resolved! Moving Exchange Archived Mailbox's

Dear all, I’m in the process of moving our archived mailboxes from directly attached SCSI Drive to IP Storage ISCSI drive, the accounts are moving with no problem but after I get the complete message I find two accounts for the same mailbox but one A...

Enterprise Vault Page Can't Be Displayed via OWA

We are running Enterprise Vault 10.0.4 and have recently moved to Exchange 2010 from Exhange 2003. Archived mail retrieval via Outlook Web Access was never a problem before however now whenever a user attempts to retrieve the archived mail all they ...

Resolved! Journal inbox slow to process mails

My issue: The journal inbox is not processing emails fast enough. My setup Running Enterprise Vault 9.0.2 on Windows server 2003 Running Exchange 2010 SP3 Rollup 7 on Server 2008R2 1 journal mailbox 3500 user mailboxes My problem The journal ...

RBS and archiving

HI we have a sharepoint web application in a sharepoint farm and it is enable with RBS.  we  archived the documents inside documentlibraries in this application using enterprise vault 10.0  and after archiving i shrinke the database and db size i...

Resolved! Indexing Issue

Dear All, We are facing issue in one of the Journal Index Volume. We found From the rebuild report file, 102 and 106 errors and followed the technote

Vipul_Desai by Level 4
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Shortcuts remain in pending state

Hi All I have been digging into a problem for some time now in the hope of finding a solution, but sadly not getting too far. Our setup is Enterprise Vault 10.0.4CH3 running across 6 Exchange servers utilising 6 Vault stores (one for each). A number...

pL0ck by Level 3
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Resolved! Using Owa/Outlook Enterprise Vault - Advanced Search/Archive Explorer in Other languange (Portugal)

Hi,  I´m upgrade to enterprise vault 10, EV10 as the possibility to have the language PT-BR. Since I install EV Outlook Add'ins 10, all buttons are in Portuguese.  In OWA, I had to change my mailbox language from PT-PT to PT-BR to get it. But all...

Tonaco_pt by Moderator
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Resolved! Unable to see Archived items in AE

Hi I am having a wierd issue with Archive Explorer for a user in our client environment. Issue: In outlook a user is able to see archived email shortcuts, but he is not able to see any email item in Archive Explorer. He is able to do a search and al...

Usman_Saeed by Level 4
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