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Resolved! Is there a way to Exclude *wav files from the Journal Archive?

Voicemail for our company will soon be stored in the mailbox with *wav files, and I dont these messages to be archived by our journal mailbox.  All voicemail messages that I need to exclude come from a particular email address. This may be an easier ...

CCCIT by Level 3
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Resolved! EV DRC install

There ise a EV 10 deployment. We would like to create DRC EV site and we woul like to have actual live EV site replicated to DRC site daily using storage layer replication My plan   SQL Logshipping to DRC SQL (Has to be same named SQL servers) Same n...

Resolved! Mailbox permission not descending to archive - Outlook 2010

We discovered an issue where updated permission on a hidden Exchange 2007 mailbox did not show correctly with an Outlook 2010 client. Permissions were changed using Exchange Management console (grant full access) and waited one day for provisioning a...

JoWiDa by Level 3
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Resolved! How to Journal

I am configuring Jounraling, but have a few questions:   1) If I want to Journal a Provision Group's mailbox, how is this done? Do I need to create a new Archive Journal for EACH user? I am currently using the EV Mailbox since it has the appropropria...

Resolved! deleting a fileserver in EV8.0.5 which no longer exists

Hi we have several FSA targets which need to be removed from EV 8.0.5, one of which is a target which has been decommissioned - and we are now wanting to remove the target in EV - however it appears that EV is complaining that the target no longer ex...

adebola24 by Level 5
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Resolved! synchronize folder permissions

Hello all. We are using EV.9.0.2 for archiving MS Exchange mailboxes (2203/2007/2010).   Some users delegete rights to one ore more folder directly out of their Outlook client. So as example they give rights to folder "\Job" under "\Inbox" but not fo...

Resolved! User gets the OST issue each time

Hi,  Each time the user opens up outlook, she gets the attached error ( screenshot attached). the only workaround was as such -  Delete Outlook.ost & Extend.bat from C:\Documents and Settings\**Staff ID**\Local Settings\Application Data\Microso...

Rax2473 by Level 3
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Resolved! EVPM Script

Hello, Is It possible to run a  EVPM script that All Items above 1 month in the Deleted items folder will be removed from Outlook and EV. Ronen

Resolved! critical 41008 error on admin console.

Hi all,  I have a customer which has EV 9.02, He get 41008 error "There are ****** savesets that have not yet backed up or replicated for VaultStore" The vaultstore DB backed up by two different backup tool. SQL maintenance is done. There error doesn...

Tumay by Level 4
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault - Attachments cannot be opened

Hi,  When the user tries to open up the attchments in his Vault, it comes up with the attached error.  I tried to reinstall the Vault add-in and then reset the regitsry keys after deleting the existing vault cache and when his vault was synched, I fi...

Rax2473 by Level 3
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Resolved! Folder Based Retention Period

Is it possible to have a retention period based on a folder. For example, a user's bail box has a retention period of 60 days. However, mail moved into a folder called client will have a retention period of 1 year. If it is in another folder, it will...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault 8 calndar archiving

hello, I have a EV8 SP4 and Exchange 2007 environment. Is it possible to set two archiving rules/policies for the same users. Basically due to the way EV archives calendar items I need to set up two separate policies one for archiving email items and...

EVRocks by Level 5
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Resolved! EV New DB

I had to reinstall EV with new Databases. I still have a copy of the old one. After the install, my old shortcuts don't work and I assume because they are orhpaned; which I know I can delete. The question is, how do I restore the data so I don't lose...

Resolved! Outlook 2007 SP2 and Enterprise Vault addin

I have a user that when he tries to open emails that are archived some of the content is missing.  This is the case for all his emails.  I have re-installed EV and he has also been upgraded to EV v9.0.2.1061 and have run  ResetEVClient.exe but still ...

rm987 by Level 2
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Resolved! Throttling Policies error - EV9.0.1

Hi! when I run the script, I get this error... Any clue? [PS] D:\data\Permisos>Set-mailbox services-evault -ThrottlingPolicy EnterpriseVault_D0F41A15-9E91-D111-84E6-0000F877D428  Active Directory operation failed on

lukassc by Level 5
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Resolved! Custom rule to remove jpg's from archiving ?

Has anyone done this ? We have two mail accounts that mass a lot of photo's which is causing an extra 300gb of data to be archived... Is there a way we can put in some sort of rule to stop this happening ? I've read something about the custom filter ...

pss53 by Level 4
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