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How to prevent users from saving emails as .msg?

Does anyone know of a way to prevent users from saving emails out of Outlook as an .msg file?  Either File-> Save As, or drag and drop...I'd be happy with either, but both would be great. We have EV fully enabled, and PSTDisableGrow applied everywhe...

Mnereng by Level 4
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Resolved! Cannot configure/find how to load DA reporting for EV

Hi All I am seeing something strange   with EV 8.0 and DA 8.0 in my lab build I logon on the Accelerator Manager Website as the EV service account  http:///xxxxx/evbaadmin/  but see no option to configure DA reporting . EV reporting is working and s...

Enterprise Vault 8 with version 7 ient

Hi All Having some strange issues at the moment we upgraded our software EV from 7 to 2007 to 8. Our users are currently running the 7 client. Now according to Symantec the client is backward compatable but we are having issues with restoring the it...


Hi everybody i am new on this site so anybody will tell  me about vault in veritas, like what is the use of vault why we use it , if anybody skip creating vault then what will be happen & most important how we create vault .

Resolved! Vault Store Groups, Vault Stores and Partitions

Hi, Can someone explain, or point me in the right direction of an explanation of how Vault Store Groups, Vault Stores, and Partitions are used and interact. I think I understand where you would use a Vault Group, but don't think it applies to my i...

bc9ams by Level 3
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Resolved! SQL query for Enterprise Vault 8

Are there any SQL gurus out there who can provide a SQL query to return the following: name of vault or user; current index; total number of items; size of vault My intention is to use this information to move active mailboxes which contribute a lar...

Resolved! Move vault/s from closed Index EVS 8.0

I've spent some time searching and will continue to research the articles I've found, but thought I'd post anyway.  I'm new to EVS and had a full week of very varied issues (best way to learn!). We have three Indexes, one closed and two open.  The c...

Resolved! Uninstalling EV 8.03, event 41197

Hi. We have removed one of our three EV servers. More specifically, we removed the server that was planned to handle file archiving. We restored everything that had been archived and removed archive points and everything related. Or at least we tho...

Tobbe_S by Level 3
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Resolved! place holders of the same size as of the actual file

hi I have two questions for FSA 1) My shortcuts have been created , however when i check those shortcuts out the size on the disk and the actual size are the same,isnt it suppsed to be a kb or something as it is supposed to be a shortcut only isnt...

Resolved! Problem opening archived mail from 2nd mbx

Hello all, We have mailboxes that several users have access to. Access is being set using AD, using Mailbox Rights and Security of the ' shared'  mailbox. In EV, I see the archive for this mailbox, and the permissions on the archive are like the rig...

GertjanA by Moderator
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Resolved! Do Not Archive this Item

Hi, We've recently installed EV 8.0 SP3 and I'm still piloting it before we delpoy to to all our users. I've noticed there is a 'Do Not Archive this Item' option for messages and Folders in Outlook, but the options in greyed out. I've looked though ...

bc9ams by Level 3
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Configuring Vault Access for OWA 2003

I have EV 6.0 SP6 and I'm trying to configure OWA 2003 access for our users. I have followed the Installation and Configuration guide. When i try to configure the OWA extensions on our back-end servers I get the following outpout when running the scr...

Resolved! Inbox items not being archived

Hello, I have a few users (including myself) whose mailboxes are setup for archiving and everything is working fine except for items in the Inbox, they are not getting archived.  I can't see any errors in the event viewer and it is not happening for...

darrenh by Level 3
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Resolved! Permissions Issue with evault 8.0 SP3

Hello All, I have a question and I'm hoping someone has seen this issue before. We've just installed Evault 8.0 SP3 on a Windows 2003 box and we've vaulted a few mailboxes for testing. Every user that's been vaulted gets the same error: "There was ...