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NetBackup Virtual Appliance

Hello Everyone, I am currently exploring NB Master VA. I have few confusions. Is there a limit on the number of MS that can be managed by a Master VA. I did not find anything related to this in the product guide. However, If I look at the info from t...

Aj1209 by Level 2
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Resolved! NetBackup EEB Listing

Is there a way via command line to get a list of current EEBs installed on an appliance?NBU 5230 running 3.2/8.2I'm looking for a way to automate the check / listing of installed EEBs.

DPeaco by Moderator
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Isolated Recovery (Offline Backup)

Many institutions are looking for a secondary separate backup copy as an Isolated Recovery / offline or air gapped solution. How we can design such solution in a NetBackup and Backup appliance environment?

nbu appliance 5240 master server administration console

Hi. I'm new on using nbu appliance 5240 version 3.1.1. How can I access its NetBackup Administration Console properly? Because at this moment, I'm just accessing it via Change Server option on our NetBackup Master Server on production.Thanks and Rega...

Jess01 by Level 3
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Migrating from Tape to Disk

Hi All,I am new to backup solution and want to understand the procedures and components required to addopt tapeless solution on premise. What is required to restore data to from tape to disk to get rid of tapes and tape library? 

SAN Client Backup

Hi All,First of all let me give my infra details.Master ServerOS - Windows 2012 R2 (2 nodes) Windows clusterNBU Version - 8.1.1Media ServerNetBackup Appliacne 5330NBU Version - 8.1.1We are facing multiple issue with FT client backups. Below is the li...

Goal_mg by Level 3
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MSDP Storage used by backup images

Hello everybody,We are trying to calculate the storage used by some NDMP backed up images in our Netbackup 5240 appliance, in order to migrate them to another appliance and expire them in the original appliance. So we need to know how many storage wo...

Di_Ro by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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netbackup appliance 5340 trying connecting outside ip

hi,we have netbackup appliance 5340 some time out side ip & is connecting our appliance using port this ip and  ip's belong to Veritas company how we can stop this please advise asap.our secur...

Slow duplication between twos sites having 5240 Appliance each

I would like to understand more how optimized duplication is happening between two 5240 Appliance. I have a case of slow duplication between two sites both having 5240 each. Case was open with VERITAS, it turned out that the pipe between sites is not...

Yet by Level 5
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nbauditreport showing just "root" for a policy change

Hello, on appliance, we use named users for both CLI and menu shell, also we use them for NetBackup Console. We use "admin" account very rarely. But when I run "nbauditreport -ctgy POLICY", every change in policies is logged under "root". Even if log...

Michal_Mikulik1 by Moderator
Partner    VIP    Accredited Certified
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Netbackup appliance 5330

Anybody any idea what the files in forder <STORAGE_LOCATION>/databases/catalog/2 I think these are records about the stored images (some kind of links).But I see there image names which should not exist anymore.My storage is almost full and seems the...

eccio by Level 4
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About the storage shelf unit ID setting

Hi, everyone.I have a question about the unit ID of the storage shelves on the NetBackup Appliance. Is the unit ID of the storage shelf automatically set?or, if set it manually, what are setting rules?Should I set the order from near the appliance he...


NetBackup Auto Image Replication using NATed IPs

We have 2 different sites A & B. 5240 appliances acting as Master/Media servers . IP addresses for Master/Media servers are same across all locations (as both sites are independent and never talk to each other). However now there is a requirement to ...

DPO by Level 6
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Storage SanityCheck ( How to reset )

 HI  I want to reset the storage can any one help me when i open the webconsole and i try to reset storage i got this message  login as: adminadmin@'s password:Last login: Thu Dec 26 14:02:24 2019 from Appliance Manage master and media applian...

Rami5 by Level 4
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Logs trace location

Hi FloksI would like to get the logs files from my netbackup In order to trace some problem ( can't connect to host ) and with Vm 195 Can you please tell me how i can check the logs from server itself Thanks

Rami5 by Level 4
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