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Resolved! NB7.6.0.3 restore to different location issue

Hi. Evnironment: MasterServer: Linux SLES11 RemoteConsoleServer: Windows 2008R2 (virtual machine) - is use for manage environment, backup polices, etc MediaServers & Storage: 2x NetBacakup Appliance 5230  NetBackup ver is installd on all ...

Resolved! Backup appliance for windows server

Hi, I have to provide a solution to the customer on backup. They have 5 servers and around 800 GB of monthly data to be backed up. I need to know which symantec backup appliance would suit this requirement   Regards

bava by Level 2
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Resolved! Need to scrub NetBackup arrays

We are selling our Puredisk arrays and I am wondering what the best practice is to write zeros to the disks. Would a /shred command suffice or is there another procedure to wipe these drives?

Tdizzle by Level 2
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Resolved! 5230 Appliance Send Mail Notification

Hello Team,   We used appliance for backup i wan to configure send mail notification on master server admin guı not Ops Center? This can be possible i successd for appliance web page and sent it e-mail for users but same time i tried to send e-mai...

kacco by Level 2
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! NBU appliance can't pass the host configuration

Hi Please advise is there any workaround to pass the host configuration Error "Failed to resolve the host name" The appliance can pass the nalookup of it's name and it has been added in host file Please see the attachment Many thx in advance T.W.

tonywu_ingram by Level 5
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Resolved! 5220 as master/media, logs, ESX San method

Hi all, I'm testing this configuration to backup VM on SAN method. My 5220's is configured as Master/Media. Zoning is OK and appliance have access to datastore lun. When I run Vmware policy, i've see VMWare snapshot create but, Netbackup can't ret...

AntBar by Level 5
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Resolved! Netbackup Appliance vs DataDomain

Hi   We are in a process to make changes to our current backup environment. Our main focus is to do some changes in our 2 main sites. Both sites have their respective domains with multiple mediaservers (no appliance or DD). What we are trying to ac...

Resolved! New Device Mapping File for Netbackup 5230 Appliances

Hi all, I am trying to find the latest Device Mapping File that is suitable for installing on Netbackup 5230 Appliances... I have found a Linux one (Linked below), but I am unsure if I can use that one for my 5230 Netbackup Appliances, as it is not...

Catalog Backup Error Status 14

Hi everyone, I am having issues with our Catalog backup after we upgraded to This environment is a simple 5220 Appliance which acts as our Master/Media server connected to an IBM library on the back end. When executing our Catalog backup eve...

dwilson by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup and vCenter: Failed VM backup

Good day to all. I am new to Netbackup appliance, i would like to ask help how to fix the VM policy which failed to backup my VMs via vCenter 5.5. Configuration that I did are; 1. Netbackup Appliance 5230 and NBU, configured as Mas...

Czar by Not applicable
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Resolved! Unable to connect to CIFS share on 5230 appliance

I have enabled the incoming_patches share on the NetBackup 5230 appliance, but I cannot open it.  I am unable to authenticate, even though I know that I am entering the correct username and password.  What is the domain that should be supplied in the...