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Resolved! NBU appliance upgrade and catalog

Hi, my customer has one NBU 5230 appliance which is currently running on 2.5.3 and it is configured as a master server. There are some clients which are backed up to this appliance's dedup pool. All clients are Windows clients (NBU client). R...

liuyang by Level 6
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NetBackup failures to write to Windows Event Log

Ok so the gist of it is we have a NetBackup Appliance that is Linux and most if not all servers being backed up are Windows. We want to be able to use the Application log in Windows Event Viewer to determine if a backup has failed with our monitoring...

Marquez by Level 3
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Resolved! "Orphaned" bpbkar processes on 5220 appliance?

Has anyone else run into this issue?  Over time, more and more bpbkar processes become "orphaned" on my appliance.  They are ALL VMware backup processes (I can tell by the hostnames in the bpbkar commands). It seems to correspond to a "Status 13" - ...

elanmbx by Level 6
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Resolved! NetBackup Appliance Call Home Feature

Hello, We are running Netbackup Master Server with version on Windows Server 2008 sp1 r2 and our Netbackup media servers are Ntebackup Appliances 5230.   Recently, I read about the Call Home feature that supported by the Netbackup Applia...

Sisso by Level 5
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Backup SAN VMware Slow

Hello  I have a very big doubt with respect to my VMware backups of my Netbackup Appliance 5220 he is doing.  Efetuei a recent update to version v2.6.0.3 and realized that there was a significant delay in my backups. Looking better in Master Server...

Resolved! Backup Appliance 5230 for Scale out Storage

Hi everyone, I am going to work on the design of backup solution for scale out storage (700TB) with Backup Applince 5230. The solution is based on NFS scan through the snapshot thus I am going to mount to daily snapshot and run the backup process th...

BorisV by Level 3
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Resolved! Disable all Jobs while patching

We're about to upgrade our 5230 appliances to and I want to be sure our scheduled jobs don't start during the patch.  What's the easiest way?  All jobs are configured through SLP's.   Thanks  

bptestbpcd fails for client name but works for ip.

I have a host name that I have in dns and in /etc/hosts.  I ping it, and get the right ip, I nslookup on it and get the right ip.     I bptestbpcd to the name and it fails 25, if  I do to the ip address and it works great.  I've cleared the host ca...

Resolved! Merging of two or more domains

Hello, I would like to merge one Netbackup domain into another and have found that the following information.

lt13624 by Level 4
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10 gig connectivity option on Appliance 5230

Hi,,     I am installing Symantec 5230 installation with media server role. Master on window VM. Appliance configuration consist, 4 x 1Gig, & 4 x 10Gig. I need to know if I can Bond all 4 x 10Gig into one bond. I saw that it gives us an option to bo...

Anuj_Kr by Level 4
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Resolved! clients

I've updated my appliances to, but when I am trying to use them to set up a new client, my only options to download from them is  I've downloaded the client software and gone through the process of opening the share on the appliance,...

Is swap usage normal on an appliance?

I've got several 5220s and when I check "top" on them I see that they are all using all available memory and are into swap.  I will be restarting these appliances in the near future so will be able to monitor this usage more closely, but in your expe...

elanmbx by Level 6
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NetBackup Appliances is now available!

(crossposted from the Netting out NetBackup blog) I’m extremely happy to announce that NetBackup Appliances is now Generally Available! NetBackup is the latest update for NetBackup 52xx Appliances and the equivalent Appliance pa...

CRZ by Level 6
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Resolved! Replication AIR Limitation

Hello  I have a Netbackup Appliance 5220 and recently configured the AIR to transfer from my master to another, which is located in my office.  I have several backup jobs Oracle, VMware and File Server, the window is well programmed and configured ...