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Resolved! Vmware snapshot

We currently use NetBackup to backup our VMware servers. During the backup process NetBackup initiates a VMware level snapshot, I know these snapshots are quiesce enabled but was wondering if you knew if they were configured to snap shot the virtual ...

Arsalan_2k by Level 4
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Resolved! Fibre Transport on Appliance 5230

Hi All, I have a 5230 appliance that has a QLogic 2532 8Gb HBA in slot 4. I am trying to configure FT but when I try I get a failure message. I can see the storage from the Clariion but the ports are firmly locked in initiator mode rather than target...

lt13624 by Level 4
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Resolved! one to many auto image replication

hi all, I have 3 master servers. All NBU appliances. 1 at primary site and 2 at secondary site. say for eg: svr1-primary site, svr2-secondary site, svr3-secondary site. now the AIR is configured between svr1 and svr2. i want to configure svr3 in such...

anishC5 by Level 5
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Resolved! Symantec 5230 Appliance - Disk Space Warning Message

I am receiveing an email alert (Warning) each morning relating to disk space utilisation on the de-dup pool in my 5230 Appliance (which is at 80%) and wish to raise the threshold for the warning to 85%.  The appliance is sitting steady at 80% so I am...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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Resolved! Java Console Download?

Hi All, Is there anyway that I would be able to download the Java Console 7.6 without requiring my serial number on fileconnect? We have put a PO through for 7.6 media and our licenses but this may take a while to come through.  Kind Regards

lt13624 by Level 4
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Resolved! Direct san backups

I have 5230 and 5220 backup appliances as well as IBM DS3512 san Storage.  I was wondering if there was a way to do direct from san snapshots of a lun.  I have an 8 TB lun with over 20million tiny files on it that I need to backup.  The server connec...

Resolved! NetBackup Appliance send mail command line syntax

Hi all Does anyone know a command line to send an email directly from a NetBackup Appliance (5230 running 2.5.4)? If this works at all I guess it will involve going into maintenance and elevating to SU. I've configured opscentre and set up the SMTP s...

KeirL by Level 6
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Resolved! AIR documentation?

hello guys!   Where can I find the Netbackup AIR documentation for 7.1 appliances?   Thank you!

cimo by Level 4
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Resolved! pure disk

WE have pure disk PDDO(Not MSDP). How to do the restore ?From NBU GUI?

noazara by Level 6
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Email notification coming from my 5220

I have an odd issue, and I cannot figure out where a certain email notification is coming from. I have a 5220 appliance, and a Master Server running on Windows Server 2008. Email notifications are set up and working from the master server just fine. ...

Resolved! Upgrade keeps rolling back?

Im in the process of trying to upgrade two 5200 appliances from 2.5.3 to and they keep rolling back about an hour into it.  One is set as a media server only and one is master/media and they both are rolling back at the same spot with the sam...

Stanleyj by Level 6
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Resolved! Appliances + FCoE

A year ago I started the following discussion: I would like to know if there´s any news related to it. I mean, is there any chance oh having CNAs in 5200, 5220 or 5230.? Thanks in advance.

NBdmecha by Level 4
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Resolved! Storage Unit Groups and SLP

I am designing an enviroment that consists of (2) Netbackup 5230 appliances running version and a VMware Master server Running Netbackup I have created two deduplication pools, one on each appliance.  the current plan is to backup to...

Edward_Rohen by Level 2
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Resolved! SAN client backup

Hi, my master and media servers are all NBU Recently we deployed a NBU 5230 appliance (version 2.5.4 which is equivalent to NBU We configured one Windows client (Windows Server 2012, NBU as SAN client, which will be backed...

liuyang by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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