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Resolved! Netbackup appliance - Master server & shelf disk allocation

I have just setup a new NetBackup Appliance 5230 master server (4 TB) no problem.  I've added a shelf unit (35TB), which is now "in use".  Can someone point me to some documentation or tell me the best practice of how to allocate the 35TB? Currently ...

Tommen by Level 3
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Resolved! NIC Bonding

Hello, Having a little trouble getting 802.3ad nic teaming working on two 5230 appliances.  I've configured teaming before on Windows 2008 servers and it seems to work fine.  The network team configures LACP on the switch side, and on the server side...

Appliance 5230/Media server/BMR

  Hi, i have configured appliance 5230 as a media server, I have check BMR admin guide that the BMR option can be enabled from GUI if the appliance configured as master server, what about if the appliance is configured as a media server?   Thanks Tha...

5230 Appliance 2.5.3 upgrade FYI

Recently we have been upgrading our 5230s to 2.5.3 and have run across an issue.  On units that have the extra drive shelf(s)  attached there is a possibility that after the install reboot that the hotspare (drive 16) on the shelf will be showing as ...

Resolved! Netbackup appliance software check and download connectivity.

Just a quest simple question.  When I log into my Netbackup Appliance I go to Manage >> Software >> Check.  Then I get a connection error.  From the shell I can resolve and ping any web address I want and my comms guys say 80 and 443 are allowed.   S...

Resolved! importing BE 2010 media to appliance

Have old media from BE2010 with exchange and sql data on it. Want to move to appliance completely. As per symantec BE import was supported to BE12.x only. Is thee any alternatives we can re-ingest data with extended retention on appliance. for excha...

V4 by Level 6
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Resolved! 5230 - IP address change after move to new location

Just a quick confirmation required regarding the changing of IP addresses on a 5230 appliance following configuration and live running. I will configure 2 x 5230 appliances and initially locate both in the primary data center.  These will run (and re...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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Resolved! Upgrade Symantec Appliance from 5230 B to 5230 D?

All, What would be the process of upgrading Symantec NetBackup Appliance from 5230 B to 5230 D? I am using NetBackup 7.5 on Windows... with existing backup images on the appliances, so images need to be maintained on the appliances as well. Thanks, A...

Itegral by Level 6
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Resolved! Deduplication Appliances to NetBackup Environment

Hello Team, We are going to implement deduplication for our environment. I need very useful document to perform the entire installation and implementation of deduplication.  Our current environment is clusterserver with Linux OS and NBU versi...

Iype by Level 4
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Resolved! Appliance 5230 Deduplication and storage unit

  Hi experts, we have 2 * 5230 appliance 28 TB (base unit +Shilf), i am confided depend on what i need to decide then create  the backup partition  and deduplication ? do i need to create 2 partition one for backup and other for deduplication ? if ye...

Netbackup Appliance - Live Update Configuration

Hi, I have recently configured new NB 5220 appliance in my domain as a media server, we have a VM as master.want to have a live update server configured as well, please help me with the configuration and which ports should be enabled both from server...

Resolved! Migrating Images between Netbackup Domains

I have a requirement whereby we are replacing 4 x 50x0 Puredisk Appliances with 4 x 5220 Appliances.  The current config has all devices in the same Netbackup domain, even though 2 of the 50x0 appliances are in a remote location.  Each pair of 50x0 a...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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Resolved! Vmware backup failing with error code: 83

Hi all, Weekly-Full backup on vmware (Windows client) is failing with error code: Media Open error- 83 (Error pasted below); but the diff-incremental backup was completed successfully.  Looking forward to get a solution for this.   09/30/2013 13:23:3...

satpat by Level 3
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Resolved! WebGUI does not show HW status

IHAC that installed two new appliances (5230). One went in with no problems. The other one would not boot because the BIOS was set wrong. That was fixed, but now the WebGUI will not show the HW status. As a test we tared up the /opt/SYMCnbappws di...

p_whelan by Level 4
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Resolved! NetBackup 5320 - Cron and Email???

A customer of mine has requested a report generated from the appliances which will provide specific pointed information regarding NetBackup images. The problem I am experiencing is when I add the entry to cron to run this command and pipe it to send ...

Jeff_Foglietta by Level 5
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Resolved! How to backup vmdk and vmx?

Hello, I would like to know how I can make backups of vmdk and vmx files without an Enterprise Client License? I am using Veritas Netbackup

Resolved! NetBackup 5230 Max. configuration.

Hi Experts, If I installed 5230 as a NBU Master server, #1. Can I attach 5230 as a Media Server to the existing 5230 Master server? #2. If #1 is yes, how many 5230s can be attached to the 5230 Master server? #3. Can I attach 5030 to existing 5230 Mas...