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RMAN Settings for Dedup

I'm working on adjusting filesperset for our Oracle RMAN backup script. The filesperset at 1 for the data files makes perfect sense. This will grow the catalog but the average size of the data involved and the unchanging nature of the majority in mo...

pddocfg error

Hi, my master server is NBU 7.1 on windows 2008 r2. I have one media server (AIX 6.1, NBU 7.1). We have a NBU appliance which is NBU 5220 and firmware version is 1.4. Currently the master server works as a media server to the disk pool in the applian...

liuyang by Level 6
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Puredisk data replication encryption algorithm used

Hi I’m looking for information which encryption algorithm  is used for data replication between storage pools. I found out that some configuration file – topology.ini  - is encrypted using AES 256 . Does someone know whether the same method is used f...

biocide by Level 4
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PureDisk DR Option

Hi Using netbackup puredisk integrated into NBU 7.1 as PDDO.  PureDisk backups are replicated to our DR site via Netbackup SLP to an additional pure disk storage pool.  In the event of a DR situation we have a separate master server available (separa...

leejw by Level 2
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Resolved! Duplicate PDDO images to MSDP

We can Duplicate images from MSDP to PDDO but i can't find a way to do vice-vesa i.e. PDDO-MSDP   Is it possible with NetBackup 7.1 and PD 6.6.x in same domain.???

V4 by Level 6
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Resolved! Puredisk Installation problem

Hi We have 4 PD server with some clients. 2 of the clients of diferents PD has been reinstalled with the same name and IP. I can install without problem the agent, but when i'm going to register in one of the puredisk server (Only in one of the PD th...

PureDisk Disaster Recovery

Hi all, We have a PureDisk Node all-in-one in We have configure DR Policies (Full and Incremental) via NetBackup These policies are running fine without any error. We wanted to try a Disaster Recovery on an alternate server (VM) wit...

Agent Replication Failed

Hi,   We have set replication between 2 PureDisk SPA ( for several agent and all is working fine except for one agent. We have the same error each time for him and backups are fine :  *** Start: Replication Prepare *** The is Classic Repli...

Puredisk pool reported down, spad process hang

Hi,  After upgraded to we have major failure. Spad  process seems to hang and then puredisk diskpool is reported down and of course backups are failing with 213. Has someone here seen this ? I create support case but no help from there, even ...

Gunn by Level 1
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How to configure pure disk replication over WAN

In our organization, WE have master server and 2 media server one in the main site and one at dr site.  We implement backup to disk  with pure disk (we install netbackup 7.1) in the main site and in the dr site (we have production  hosts at 2 sites) ...

Changing the fragment size on a PureDisk storage group

Helle everyone, I have a question regarding the fragment sizes for puredisk storage groups. I have an issue backing up to puredisk and I think it is down to the fragment size that is set on the storage group, my question is what effects will changing...

Resolved! Fatal error on replication between 2 SPA's

Hi all, I've configured replication between 2 SPA's ( and each time, jobs are stopped with the following error in job details : Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 2048 bytes) in /opt/pdmbe/mgmtc...

Puredisk Java Console

Hi,   We heard news that Symantec is coing up with Puredisk Java Console. If that so right then we would be happy to use it atlest it may fix certain Monitoring Bugs.

Resolved! Pure Disk Pool

Good Morning Gurus of the NBU world.  I have a question that I think I know the answer too But here goes anyway.   I had a linux master server and a windows media server.  The windows media server was connect to a PD device.  Well, long story short, ...

Adding a CPU to a virtual Puredisk node

Does anything need to be done to a virtual Puredisk server for ir to make use of a second processor being added to it? I know in Linux, you need to run a up2date --install kernel-smp command to add the CPU.