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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Configure vnetd to listen on specifik network interface

I have a SLES 10 linux client with two network interfaces. One is connected to internet and one is backup lan. Is it possible to configure vnet to only listen on the backup lan interface? I know you can do that with a firewall, but want to know if i...

SAN Media Server Setup

hey gang, I'm trying to get a Windows 2003 server to act as a SAN Media Server (backs up it's own data directly to tape (over SAN)). I'm having problems. The server is active for both Tape and Disk.  I have a storage unit for the server defined.  ...

ADDODD by Level 4
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Resolved! What tapes have been used for the full backup???

I’m new to netbackup I’m looking for an easy way to run a report that will tell me what tapes have been used for the full backups.  Under reports I don’t see an option for that, unless I’m missing it.

Multiple backups of the same file.

Hi everyone. I need an advice on a server I need to backup. On this server files are written on a directory on a daily basis. Every day, a new directory (yyyy-mm-dd) is created and files are writen withing this directory (yyyy-m-dd/HH-mm-descripti...

NBU Oracle Agent and RMAN: creating DUPLEX copies

I am currently using the NBU Oracle agent to create RMAN backups of a database and all is working fine.  I'd now like to modify the script to create 2 copies - what Oracle RMAN calls "Duplexing". The NBU documentation for the Oracle agent refers to ...

Resolved! Anyway to resume a failed backup(DONE)?

I added a standalone drive to my present install(we have a library), and the standalone drive is temporary and we just need to archive some data while not using our normal lto4 drives. Anyway, I kicked off a backup using the standalone drive, but sin...

Resolved! Backup Job still running after Client removed from policy

  Greetings, I have a policy set up containing many clients.   If I remove a single client from that policy, the next time the policy is scheduled to run, it still creates a job for the removed client.   Is there a way, other than stopping/starting...

adp1 by Level 3
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Resolved! Need help to configure tapes and policies

Hi, I really need some help here. I am running Veritas Netbackup 6.5.4 on Unix. I am trying to set up the netbackup policies and media tapes to use. The setup is like this: I have a total of 7 tapes: Day001 -(Full backup daily)-monday Day002 -(Ful...

"Strangeism" with Filter by Example for media

using the Windows Admin Console (NB 6.5.4) (Java GUI filtering mechanisms are slightly different & appear ok). Was just explaining to a colleague something about the media in our robot & came across a "funny" whilst trying to filter our media by slo...

SAN Based Restoration

HI Folks, I have one NetApp VTL, Quantum TL, NetApp filers and NetBackup master server connected to SAN SW. I ahve created three virtual TL on NetApp VTL and assigned to NetApp filer1, NetApp filer2 and NetBackup master respectively. I am backing up ...

Deepak_W by Level 6
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Resolved! Catalog backup question

One paragraph in the manual that I'm not 100% sure on is when its says: "A frequency-based schedule ensures that the catalog backup has an opportunity to run in busy environments where backup jobs are running" Can someone please explain why this i...

AlGon by Level 6
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Resolved! Inquire about the Netbackup Licenses

Hi All; Good Morning, I need your help to give me clear information about the differences between two NetBackup licenses And which is better:   ·         VRTS NETBACKUP STANDARD CLIENT 6.5 XPLAT STD LIC EXPRESS BAND S ·         VRTS NETBACKUP STANDAR...

Ialahmad by Level 5
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Resolved! is it best practic to Duplicate the Catalog

1.)  is it best practic to Duplicate the Catalog via right click and click on duplicate from the list when we take the catalog list 2.) i have 2 drives in my Tape library and they both busy much of times so i was not able to make 1 additional copy of...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! error restoring a backup from a system that is no longer available

I am having an issue retrieving something from a backup tape for a system that is no longer there. I am using 5.0MP7 (I know end of life). LEt's call the system i am trying to recover something from as sqlcell1. i want to restore the system32 directo...

Joe8313 by Level 2
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BMR restore error RC%1 Netbackup

I'm attempting to restore full backup with BMR. I'm boot computer with PXE, choose image and process interrupt with error "Failed to get backup list". Here logs: Checking_VxSS_Credentials 4 DEBUG CRestoreStrategy.cpp:retry() Retrying step: Verify Bac...

Resolved! Oracle agent support for v11

Can anyone point me in the right direction regarding the NetBackup Oracle agent? My company is running Oracle 9 at the moment but an upgrade is coming soon to Oracle  The NetBackup for Oracle Administrator's Guide for UNIX and Linux men...

ROFPR by Level 4
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Netbackup for Windows 6.5.4 Error 13

I started getting a 'file read failed - error 13' message on one of my SAN connected hosts.  I also see a 'socket read failed - errorno=131, connection reset by host' error.  On the client, I also get an error message that the Netbackup client had an...

Eduardo3 by Not applicable
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