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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! NDMP firewall problems

Hello, We have opened the port 10000 in both ways for NDMP backups. But they are still failing in the end they are stuck. Do you know what we can try ?

samirh by Level 2
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Solaris - Netbackup Restore setting owners and modes on directories

Many moons ago I created a recovery CD that was bootable and enabled you to start the Netbackup client and restore onto a bare bones server. All went well until it was restoring directoies owned by users not in /etc/passwd. The user names/groups are ...

Scoop by Not applicable
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I Can't create snapshot on netbackup

Hi all . Please help me this problem :  THis is the log file when I created snapshot policy :  12/3/2009 9:23:32 PM - requesting resource  server_storage -hcart-robot-tld-0 12/3/2009 9:23:32 PM - requesting resource server_storage.NBU_CLIENT.MAX...

Resolved! BMR install => bus error

Hi ! I tried to install BMR on NBU 6.5.4, on a two nodes Master cluster under Solaris 10. The install on the passive node was ok (no database setup), but on the active node the install "core dumped" during the database setup: [Info] V-127-41 Setti...

lu by Level 6
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Resolved! emmlib_GetHost failed

Hello all, tldd deamon on one of my media server keeps dying, the following error is reported: tldd[12244]: [ID 897165 daemon.error] emmlib_GetHost failed, status=328 tldd[12244]: [ID 632197 daemon.error] No robots are configured - Bad file number tl...

rudaz by Level 2
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Resolved! NBCC - which version do I run

Currently running NB So my nbcc is Now there is a newer version So which version should I run on my master prior to my 6.5.5 upgrade?

Upgrade to netbackup 6.5.5

Hi all experts, I am trying to upgrade netbackup 6.5.5 from 6.5. The co required files are in the folder already. Could please give me some feedback where i making mistakes. I# sh NB_update.instal NB_update.instal: NB_update.instal: cannot open # ...

BMR 6.5.4 : BMR Boot Server

Hi All, Anyone know about BMR Boot Server? I have NBU 6.5.4 running on Win2008 standard SP2 x64 bits, if I want to install BMR 6.5.4 on it , what do I need to do ? 1) Install BMR Master on Win2008 Standard SP2 x64 bits 2) Install BMR Boot Server on...

T_N by Level 6
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Resolved! Error 165 - Evaluation Period Expired

Netbackup 6.54 1 Master 2 Media server configuration Currently, the master and one media server is operating as normal. The other media server will not start its netbackup services. Instead we get the below error. This occurred when our eval licens...

Resolved! need to take a ENCRYPTED backup

Hi, What I need to take a encrypted backup. (Master server Windows 2003/64 - NBU 6.5.4 and the client Windows 2008/64bit - NBU 6.5.4.) I have "encryption" option checked and also on client I have on "Client Properties" -> Encryption:  Allowed and E...

MariusD by Level 6
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VCB concurrency

Hi All, As long as we have a our policies set up per datastore can we run that number of concurrent jobs? So if we have 10 VMFS and 10 policies we can run 10 VCB jobs at once (max job limit per policy will be set to 1 to start).  I keep reading that...

houghtp by Level 2
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Resolved! Client backup Encryption

Dear All; I try  to enable Client Encryption backup by following this steps 1-      Select checkbox on Client properties by enable encryption. 2-      Chose encryption checkbox in backup policy. But the backup failed with status error 46,I checked lo...

Ialahmad by Level 5
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Resolved! media manager - system error occurred(174)

Hi Folks, when im trying to run the catalog backup in unix server, it is failing with the error media manager - system error occurred(174). Could any one please help me after looking at the below logs? 2/3/2009 16:17:25 - begin Catalog Backup 12/3/...

NBFREAK by Level 4
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