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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Problem with NBU Client for Windows and MP4

Hi, I have a question regarding NetBackup Clients 6.0 in an Unix master server environment (used for backing up Unix and Windows systems). On our Windows 2000 and 2003 servers we're using version 6.0 of the NetBackup client with minimal features inst...

Additional Servers Vs Media Servers, Difference?

Hey All, Having inherited a system from someone else I find a lot of the clients have their media servers listed under the "Additional Servers" section.Is there a difference between listing them there rather than in the media server section?All the b...

Configuring a NBU Catalog Policy for NBU 6.0 MP4

Hi,I am attempting to set up a brand new NBU 6.0 MP4 master server and am trying to have my vault job run a catalog backup as well. I am use to NBU 5.1 where this was much different. When I try to set it up in the Vault, I have blanks in the spots ...

Resolved! GetTapeParameters() failed on

Hello,Every minute in windows logs appear message: GetTapeParameters() failed ondrive Drive006 (device 6, \\.\Tape6): The requested resource is in use. How this correct?Anatoly

How to implement bpstart and bpend notify fr multi-streamed client...

Hi folks,Master: Clustered Win2000 AS SP4, NBU ES v5.1 MP6.Media: Solaris 8 NBU ES v5.1 MP6Client: Win2000 SP4 v5.1 MP6 (in DMZ via shared 10Mb pipe)Backup: NT, daily differential - and weekly fullSince upgrading a client to v5.1 MP6, I'm getting fai...

sdo by Moderator
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Import of Images

If a tape is expired from the Netbackup Catalog, can individualimages be re-imported as opposed to importing the entire tapeback into the Catalog?Thanks much,Art

Force MEDIA server to use own drive

OK,I want to force some of my media servers to "Use Local Drive" which I see as an option under the Master Server host properties under "General Server". I do not see such an option under the Media Server host properties...Anyone know a way to do thi...

AKopel by Level 6
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Tape is frozen

Actually, I can unfreeze the tape. The freezing is not the problem.The problem is the reason the tape is frozen. Every time I try to write to this tape, it freezes it because it 'contains netbackup database backups' on it.Indeed it does. They're q...

netbackup over WAN

Hellolooking at the possibility of backing up remote sites with Netbackup.A quick test of pilot sites was pretty unsuccesful, servers on sites with 2048/256 Kbps DSL connections were backing up with throughput of around 25KB/SecI understand the 256k ...

re:exams and certifications

hithanx to all gus who replied to my unix issues, although I would still like to know of anyone who has worked on a tru64 cluster $ SAP and the issues faced when running NBU 6 agent.other than that, I would like to know if anyone has sat the NB6.0 ex...

891074300 by Level 3
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SQL Server Policy type

I have an issue with restoring SQL Server DB. My SQL DB Server configured under a separate policy and policy type is MS- SQL-Server and backup running successfully but when try to restore i cannot see this policy type MS- SQL-Server. My Netbackup ver...

True Image Restore Question

We use TIR/w Move Detection set in all policies with a 2 week retention.1 full backup Sunday/ Diff-inc Mon-Sat.Sun1-Mon1-Tue1-Wed1-Thur1-Fri1-Sat1-Sun2-Mon2-Tue2-Wed2-Thur2-Fri2-Sat2If Sun1(Full) was manually expired early , how does TIR handle the r...

Vault Profile Location?

Hey All, This should be a simple one for someone.I have looked all over and cannot find the files for my vault profiles....Do they exist in files like the policies do?If so, where are they?Cheers!Gib

Knowledge Base Search

Anyone having problems today accessing the Knowledge Base Search? page comes up but when I try to do a search I keep getting this error:Http/1.1 Service Unavailable

Stumpr2 by Level 6
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Keep Logs 30 days !

Hi there !I have set the keep logs value in Masterserver Properties Cleanup to 30 days, but after 2-3 days the logs are not shown in the aktivity monitor, for every client.I need a "history" up to 30 days.Whats wrong ?Its a Netbackup6 on a windows 20...

NBU 5.1 Catalog Backup Configuration

I use Vault to run my Catalog backup but the job runs around the clock. I used the Catalog GUI and manually kicked off a job to a disk volume on one of my Media Servers and that ran for 11 1/2 hours. And that backup was only of the Master's databas...

re:running UNIX scripts

HiI am trying to run a unix backup from windows server. the Unix client has oracle on it and when I select the oracle_online_script, the windows master server tries to back up the script instead of executing it.anyone help??

891074300 by Level 3
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How to take Automatic Oracle Backup?

This is my environment. 1. I have master server for Veritas (WIndows 2003)2. I have installed client on Solaris.Oracle DB is on this.3. I am using Netbackup 6.0 Now I am trying to create policy for Automatic Oracle Backup. For that I have generate t...

NBU - exclude lists - script to audit all clients?

Hi guys,I am looking for an easy way to audit all exclusions (exclude list) for windows and solaris clients.I know that for win, it's a registry key and it's a file for unix.I could not find a way through the admin console.Any ideas?Thanks a lot for ...