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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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disk staging and volume pools

when using disk staging, is it possible to use differing volume pools as destination volume pool? e.g. when staging from disk to tape on mon-->thur, copy to volume pool daily, or to volume pool weekly etc

Verify VSP is Installed

Does anyone happen to know of a way to look at a client and tell whether or not VSP is installed? If not, I'll probe support, but I thought I'd check here first. Thanks!


Hi,We use the above script to send email messages on backup failure. (V5.1Mp3)We have setup Netbackup to auto try twice so backups retry after first failure.Is there a way to exclude the alerts from the first failure?Rod

Rod_Cox by Level 2
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How to change the default VSP save location on clients

Greetings,We are using NBU 5.1 MR3a and are using VSP to backup our database servers. We often have problems where the VSP files takes up too much of the C drive, and then the SQL server takes the rest bringing the server to its knees. I know I can...

Broken Email Notifications

Another post-NBU 6 upgrade issue:All my backup jobs are sending emails, and I do not want them to. None of the clients have an Administrator e-mail address defined. The Master Server does not have an Administrator e-mail address defined under Globa...

Vault DR Recovery Reports Missing Text

We use Netbackup Vault to simplify some of our Catalog and dup processes. One of the benefits of vault is that it can be config'd to send a Recovery Report at the end of the catalog backup that includes an awesome step by step procedure to recover t...

EMM Database sizing

about to implement netbackup 6.0 enterprise, curious as to where to place netbackup install files, and EMM Databaseproposed master server (with emm databse)4 x 18 GB & 6 x 36 GB.proposing to mirror 2 x 18GB disks for OS, mirror another 2 x 18GB for n...

Restoration not happening without giving any error

The backup if the Data was successful........Now when I'm trying to restore the data to its original location , the job status is succesfull but nothing is getting restored at the original location. The thing which I had found is that in the client p...

multistream or not to multistream

have a large # of application servers, with 2 x 36Gb disks, RAID1 configured as 1 logical drive with C:\ and D:\ partitions, would enabling 'allow multiple datastreams' (policy using 'ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES' directive) have an adverse effect on backup time...

media Types X Cleaning tape

Hi,I inserted an cleaning tape and his label as clun01.But the media type was dlt.1 - Which kind of tape I must put on vmchange?2- How do I set this cleaning tape to be used by the robot?

netbackup speed

We have just replaced the 3 LTO2 drives with 5 LTO3 drives but still the backup speed is the same. We are getting 100Mb/sec although the network is of gigabit.Any help will be highly appreciated.Thanks,atif

Netware Restores coming back with all files 0 size

When restoring from any Netware server all the directories and file names appear but everything has a 0 kilobyte size making it unusable. Our Windows and Network appliance backups restore just fine. What am I missing? I am running Netbackup 5 MP6 ...

Known Issues list for NBU 6?

Has Symantec published a known bug list with NBU 6.0? I've had a lot of stupid weird little problems since upgrading, and it'd be nice to know that they are aware of them...

NB6.0 PBX-ClusterGroup-servername

we have a 2-node Cluster that serves as a file server. Both Nodes are Media servers. When I upgraded to NB6MP1, I see 2 new Cluster Groups called :PBX-ClusterGroup- & PBX-ClusterGroup- it has 1 resource called PBX-After the upgrade the cluster resou...


This may be a newbie question, but i need a script that deletes (after 2 days) certain files in a folder after backup completes successfully. Any suggestions?Stian

Backups Not happening of some exchange files

Hi,I have Veritas Netbackup Enterprise servre 5.1.I'm trying to backup exchange server data and the files are with the extension .edb, .stm, and .log....................But these files are not getting backed up and neither i'm getting some error...Re...

How Compressed is "Compressed" Catalog?

Is there a formula to determine how much disk space I'll get back if I compress my catalog after 14 days? Obviously if I've only been running NetBackup for 3 weeks, I'm not going to get much space back. But I'm in a Windows environment, I have been...