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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Is Netbackup sent to tape in proprietary way

If data sent to tape in normal way, standard fashion. I do not think a password is used but just sent to tape in normal way. If in normal way can tape get read with tar command instead of needing veritas?Thank you and sorry if difficult to read.

volume usage, is this normal behaviour?

just installed netbackup, currently testingim a bit perplexed by the following tape usageinstalled netbackup on fridaysetup some test policiesdaily-fulls with 2 week retentionweekly-full with a 4 week retentiontheres a disk staging schedule, which ru...

Defragmentation of Images/Log drive

Hello,For all you Windows NBU users, do you defragment your drives with your images and logs on them. I noticed that they do get quite fragmented over time. If so, do you shutdown NBU when you do it or just schedule it during 'low' times.It seems lik...

AKopel by Level 6
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Macintosh 6.0MP2 upgrade errors

When attempting to upgrade a Macintosh 10.4 client from 6.0 to 6.0MP2, the install script says "unable to save pre-existing binaries" then quits. We've tried this on two machines, one is MacOS X 10.4 server, the other is the client, and they both ha...

NetBackup Vault Manager service stopping then starting

have just installed Netbackup, we didnt buy Vault, however, the NetBackup Vault Manager starts and then just stops with server restarts or bpup bpdown etcit leaves a nasty red cross in Admin consoleWIn 2003Netbackup 6 with MP2just installed it

Latest Patch installed in Veritas netbackup?

Hi, How do we find the Latest patch installed on the Veritas Netbackup? I faced this question while attending interview for Storage Admin for Veritas....Will anyone give the command or through GUI mode to find the Latest patch installed?

Mathews by Level 4
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Verotas or manufacture device drivers?

hellowhat are the recommendations for device driver usage with Netbackup 6.0 on WIndows 2003,use veritas device drivers?or Manufacturer driverson backup exec, we used the standard vertias drivers across all SAN attached servers

Error code 12

After upgrading to NetBackup 6.0, I am getting error code 12 error messages. I looked up the error and it referenced a disk based storage unit. I only have a tape based storage unit. Any idea what is causing these?Archive on client ETNMEM2NM05 for...

Backups run weird after upgrading to NetBackup 6.0!!!!

Here is the details of one of my backups after upgrading:4/4/2006 2:00:00 PM - requesting resource etnmem0bk01-hcart2-robot-tld-04/4/2006 2:00:00 PM - requesting resource 2:00...

Some media has a suffix of L

Hi guys,I am using NBU 5.0 MP4 with Windows 2000 Servers and Dell PV132T LTO2 tape libraries and drives. I use Dell barcode labels numbered 000001 etc. I had been using some barcode labels for a while with "L2" marked on them in the corner. Recently ...

Vault does not work after upgrading to 6.0

Vault does not work anymore after upgrading to 6.0 with MP2. I noticed the following error in the System event log:The description for Event ID ( 0 ) in Source ( NetBackup Vault Manager ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessar...

Recovering catalog with bprecover

HiI had re-installed NB to a different location from the earlier location /usr/openv. I have catalog backup residing in a different directory. How can i recover the previous setting from the catalog backup images which i had previously configured. An...


Hello all,I'm receiving an odd error that I can't seem to find any information on. It's happening on Netbackup 4.5 for windows and they are exchange backups.4/3/2006 3:25:53 AMbrnetbackup exchange4 Error 195562 Backup from client exchange4: DFI - 0 0...

Backup a folder which is excluded on a Client

Hi,have NB6 running on Windows 2003 Server.I have a policy for backup a remote windows 2003 server. On this server i have 2 folder which i dont want to backup in the daily backup cyclus.Ive setup another policy running on saturday which uses a specia...

Decommission Downed Media Server

We have migrated to a new NBU environment but we kept the old servers running so we can run some reports. One of the old media servers died before we could manually expire some images. Is there a way to clean up the catalogs so I can remove the ser...

Disk Based Backup/Import/Restore

I am hoping this is an easy question and hoping even more it's a quick answer. I am having problems getting my test lab tape library to read my production library's tapes. So, I want to do a disk based backup, copy the files over to the test lab, a...

Linux Tape Drivers for ESL9595 Ultrium 460 drives

I want to set up a DL380 as a Media server using Linux AS 3 R7. I have installed the OS new, installed Veritas Enterprise Serever 5.1 new.I run the Server Netabacup command and it stated no Drives in Database.I went to the master server and ran the C...