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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Microsoft Cluster Backups

I am trying to determine if my current strategy is the best way to handle clusters or if someone else has a better way. Here's what I have today:PhysicalNodeAPhysicalNodeBVirtualA (J: Volume assigned)VirtualB (X: Volume assigned)QuorumNodeI have on ...

MOM management packs

hiare there MOM management packs available for Netbackup 6.0?have found some for Backup Exec (on veritas website), but nothing for Netbackup...thanks

NetBackup and SAN disks

We are thinking of implementing SAN disks for windows servers. Anyone using NetBackup of SAN disks and any benefits as compared with defacto client/server setup in terms of backup/restore speed etc? Thanks in advanced

Snapshot/Off-host fo SQL

Hello!There is a SQL-server with classical stream-based method of backuping. However backup duration exceeds the maximal time. A unique decision - to pass to file-based methods backuping, Local Snapshot Backup or Off-host Alternate Client. Сorrect? ...

Find out what jobs *should* have run

Hi,Simple question: I need to know what jobs should have run in the past, specifically last night.Details, background etc.We are dealing with a problem where we have "phantom" jobs. These jobs queue up but will never run - ever. The problem is there ...


suppose i took the backup in veritas netbackup6.0MP1 can it be restored with veritas netbackup 5.0MP5

Where did my Topology Lines go?!

Even after reboots, when I look in Activity monitor while a backup is running, I use to be able to see my media servers with a line that connects them to a shared drive in my library. Now, when a backup runs all I see is the Yellow arrow on the actu...

Slow Database Response Time

It's me again... Here's the scenarioWindows 2003 environment, Uncompressed catalog totaling 220GB and rising and I have 350 tapes I need to manually expire because I was told to give then an Infinity retention and a year later they've changed their ...

BMR ----> Windows Xp

HI,Will BMR work to restore Windows XP desktops..?How does BMR work ?Does the system boot through NIC requests BMR for Restore and BMR restores ?

MayurS by Level 6
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BMR ----> Windows Xp

HI,We have a requirement that to Backup 100 Windows XP desktops once; all having data with about 20-35 GBs, Users will work on those PCs from Monday thru Friday and On Saturdays we have to Revert there desktops to the Configuration and Data level tha...

MayurS by Level 6
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NB Notification Service

Hi,I get this event on one of our client and I can`t connect this client to our NOM Server."The description for Event ID ( 0 ) in Source ( NetBackup Notification Service ) cannot be found. The local computer may not have the necessary registry inform...

Device configration Error . INvalid license info

Hi,We are trying to install Netbackup 5.1 on Windows 2003 Std Edition.Installation goes through but when we try to use the Device COnfiguration wizard to configure the tape device we we get error as " Invalid License Info in device_mapping file"Tried...

MayurS by Level 6
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disk staging and volume pools

when using disk staging, is it possible to use differing volume pools as destination volume pool? e.g. when staging from disk to tape on mon-->thur, copy to volume pool daily, or to volume pool weekly etc

Verify VSP is Installed

Does anyone happen to know of a way to look at a client and tell whether or not VSP is installed? If not, I'll probe support, but I thought I'd check here first. Thanks!


Hi,We use the above script to send email messages on backup failure. (V5.1Mp3)We have setup Netbackup to auto try twice so backups retry after first failure.Is there a way to exclude the alerts from the first failure?Rod

Rod_Cox by Level 2
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How to change the default VSP save location on clients

Greetings,We are using NBU 5.1 MR3a and are using VSP to backup our database servers. We often have problems where the VSP files takes up too much of the C drive, and then the SQL server takes the rest bringing the server to its knees. I know I can...

Broken Email Notifications

Another post-NBU 6 upgrade issue:All my backup jobs are sending emails, and I do not want them to. None of the clients have an Administrator e-mail address defined. The Master Server does not have an Administrator e-mail address defined under Globa...

Vault DR Recovery Reports Missing Text

We use Netbackup Vault to simplify some of our Catalog and dup processes. One of the benefits of vault is that it can be config'd to send a Recovery Report at the end of the catalog backup that includes an awesome step by step procedure to recover t...

EMM Database sizing

about to implement netbackup 6.0 enterprise, curious as to where to place netbackup install files, and EMM Databaseproposed master server (with emm databse)4 x 18 GB & 6 x 36 GB.proposing to mirror 2 x 18GB disks for OS, mirror another 2 x 18GB for n...