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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Regarding Netbackup Readiness

Hi All,   Is there any way we can check to see , What are the preferred bottleneck in a environment. Any kind of a script that can give you the desired output from the current Netbackup Configuration Also while doing hardware sizing for proposed ...

adivya1 by Level 3
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Resolved! Change Tapes used by netbackup

Dear Team, I am new to netbackup and need help in doing a tape change activity in netbackup. My setup  NBU Master - Hosted on Windows server NBU media - Netbackup Appliance Normal Backups are going to- NBA configured as VTL I have deduplication...

susotest by Level 3
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NetBackup vCenter Web Plugin

Helo,   I need help to install the NB VC web plugin. I have strictly folowed the following Howto : (I tell the same thing as in the official pdf documentation) ... I used an apache web server to host the p...

ElGringo by Level 6
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Hyper-V backups including deleted blocks...

Hyper-V host: Windows 2012 R2 in a farm using CSV volumes, with NetBackup Client v7.6.1.1.  Storage target is MSDP on 5230 Appliance v2.6.1.1. Before doing anything major inside the VM - Windows File Explorer (within the VM) showed 34.4 GB C: drive ...

sdo by Moderator
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Resolved! Vmware Backup

Hello Experts, We have been planning to install vmsnapshot backups in our testing department. So we need to know whether we need to install nbu client on vcenter server. Or just need to put vcenter credentials on Virtual machine servers?  We would...

Resolved! Automatic Backup and Default Application backup.

For Database policy configuration. I know that Default Application will created automatically when creating automatic backup.   Now My Question. Do I need to specify backup schedules to default application backup. or it will depend on the automati...

Resolved! nbdb is not available

hi all ,   please  i need a solution for this issue  i have netbackup 7.6 on windows server 2012 after an attempt to add a NDMP client (hostname : ) nbdb is not available  and services EMM is fail to start .

Lou123 by Level 3
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Resolved! Netbackup Shadow Copy component backup is too slow compared to VSS

Hi Everyone,               I have been reading a lot of forum discussions and documents to understand the behaviour of Netbackup for shadow copy components. We are using shadow copy components for our DFS and file servers. Backups runs for hours to...

Resolved! Restarting a cancelled backup job

Hello, I have a backup job with 3 Windows servers. 2 of the servers were backed up successfully. I was having issues with the 3rd server and cancelled the job. Is there a way to start that backup job on the 3rd server without having to restart the...

Resolved! how to forcefully clean up EMM database?

On DR isolated network, we recovered entire catalog. But we did see all volumes, devices and media servers which not existing in our DR enviornment. How can i manually clean them up from EMM? I will still need meta data, image files for my applicati...

Resolved! Backup jobs failed

Hello, I'm getting the message below on 2 backup jobs. 4/10/2015 7:46:24 AM - Critical bpdm(pid=15280) Storage Server Error: (Storage server: PdvfsRead: Failed to read from spoold (Input/output error). Ensure storage server...

Resolved! Ran Phase 1 Import, waited too long, need to start over

I ran a Phase 1 import on a migrated disk storage unit, and waited too long to do Phase 2; all the Phase 1 images have expired.  I try to re-run Phase 1, and it says the fragments already exist and are being skipped.  Running bpexpdate to un-expire t...

Resolved! Backup file <> not found in NetBackup catalog

Hello everybody, I've configured an Oracle Intelligent Policy to backup an Oracle database 11.2 on ARF cluster (kind of HACMP but provided by BULL) under AIX 6.1. The backup works fine but when i try to restore, i get this message : INF - Using: /s...

Yves_Robin by Level 2
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Resolved! Change in SLP replication window

Can i change SLP replication window? I have one SLP configured. I want all the pending replications on that SLP to complete as soon as possible. So can i change SLP replication window to 24*7 ?    

Resolved! NetBackup 7.6 VTL

we are using Symantec Netbackup 7.6 server recently we purchase seagate NAS (4bay, 16TB) drive can we configure it as virtual tape library. Please guide me which configuration required on NAS and Netbackup server.

backup doesn't write

Hello, I just started in a new job. And I have lots of issues with the filesystem backups. Beneath here is an example. What happens is that a scheduled filesystem backup start. In a lot of cases it says begin writing at the bottom, and sometimes it ...

Catalog backup status 13

Hi,   My catalog disk has run out of space, and then netbackup stopped. I have made some space on the catalog disk agian, but now i keep getting a status 13 error when i try to make a catalog backup. ?   Have anyone seen this before. ?

AndersA by Level 4
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