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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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images on media vs valid images on media

Hiii experts NBU master OS window 2003, NBU appliance 5220 2.5.6, I have a situation in my NBU setup. In GUI -- media -- various media's have difference between 2 columns images and valid images. Noticed this problem recently. I only perform...

rookie11 by Moderator
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Resolved! Backups failing nightly

Hello we are having our production databases fail nightly. Prior to this we were in a good spot where we may have had 2 failures or less in a period of three days. Currently we have 2-4 fail a night.   We are getting a few "Cannot connect on socket...

Resolved! What do people have set as "Reduce Fragment Size" for LTO3/4 tapes

I have two master servers  with LTO4  drives where we take the default of 1TB. I have another master server where we have LTO3 drives where we drop it all the way down to 2048 MB. Since I have such a big difference I am curious what other do (and p...

sclind by Moderator
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Resolved! recommendation on backing up RHEL/Windows cluster under ESXi

HI All, I am now working with a backup solution to backup RHEL and Windows cluster. I know nothing about how to backup clustering environment. Master Server will be installed on Windows Server 2012, with latest Netbackup release.   I believe ther...

jeorainc by Level 4
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Resolved! clientside deduplication to Advanced or basic disk

If I set client side deduplication (host properties-->master server-->client attributes-->Always use client side deduplication) and Policy is pointed to Advanced or basic disk, will client do the deduplication and send the data or a normal backup hap...

Resolved! regarding standby oracle DB bakcup

Hi , NBU 7.5 client :linux 5.9 oracle :11.2 i have two apllication servers which are configured as active / standy mode and both the servers have Oracle DB . i already sucessfully taken the bakcup of oracle DB in active server using hot_database_...

Resolved! Etrack ID - help to locate the content

Hello, I need a small help, i'm looking for the content of this following track id: Etrack ID 2877395 I have browsed a lot of content but i'm not able to find an url related to the Etrackid content 2877395. Maybe someone could help me to know how ...

Resolved! Backup nodes of a cluster

Hello,  I explain the context and needs.  I currently work in an environment where resources are stored in a cluster and the nodes of the cluster are not backed up.  - I would like to save only the nodes in the cluster (local drive, local state di...

Lion13 by Level 4
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Resolved! How to recover deleted backupid's from disk

Please suggest. I have used below command and deleted bunch of backup images and then realised I need them. These backup images are residing on advanced disk pool. After deletetion of backup images, Image cleanup job was also ran and completed succe...

Resolved! NetBackup settings to reduce Memory Paging

Hello, Our Systems Engineering team is setting up a Microsoft SCOM environment to monitor our servers.  One of the services of Microsoft SCOM is to send out an email alert when a server is using too many resources and is in danger of crashing/hangin...

NBMe by Level 3
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Status 13 with large Accelerator backup

Server is on Solaris 10, client is on RedHat.  Backup size is over 5TB so we have opted to use Accelerator as most of the data doesn't change. We are seeing a status 13, which to me means I need to use a larger Client_Read_Timeout, b...

Resolved! Audit Tapes in Netbackup

Hello everyone,  Does anyone know how to audit tapes since installing NetBackup on the master server?  Thanks to all!

brandin_o by Level 3
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Resolved! Catalogs are too big

Hello all, I have a backup server running on WIN2003, NBU version is 6.0MP7 and I have a problem. The catalogs are getting huge and I don't know a work around. The catalogs are based on two LUNs and one is a copy of the other. We have a lot of infi...

NBUPlugin & IVR used in conjunction with AIR

I have a site where AIR is configured and working fine between 2 sites. Each site is a seperate NBU Domain, and also has it's own vCenter. Backups which have been replicated from Site A to Site B are visible and available for restore via the BAR GUI...

SYMAJ by Level 6
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Resolved! NetBackup unexpectedly going offline - VCS

Hello, I have looked on many forums but can not find nothing helpfull. I have NetBackup on VCS with GCO on RedHat 6. Since last upgrade I have issue with restarting the NBU by VCS. It looks like one of monitored NBU processes is not respon...

mrmadej by Level 4
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Resolved! No showing Kbytes/sec rate for SLP

Symantec NBU In NetBackup Administration Console missing job details, such as Kbytes/sec rate for SLP, when job run duplicating to the tape drive Ultrium 3280.  All other options are shown normally. For simple policy  without SLP and witho...

Resolved! vault duplication jobs

Hi I am running duplication jobs from virtual to physical tape as part of my daily Vault process. I want to know where the size of these duplication jobs is set so I can make them smaller to make more use of the tape drives available. The whole pro...