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Backup Exec 3600 Appliance

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Resolved! Appliance 3600 TIPS !!

  A consultation to first turn the computer first put my name "BEappliance2013" agrege the appliance to the domain and then went back to change the team name "XXXXXX" when I enter the new domain user can not open BE, (image) I make any changes or ord...

Resolved! Appliance, desktops and laptops

Hi,   I know DLO is no longer a part of BE2012 and the Appliance 3600. I was wondering if I already have the appliance, what I would be able to do with current desktops and laptops in my enviroment. Will I be able to back them up as I would with serv...

Resolved! BE3600R2 Appliance - BE2012 LiveUpdate

Hey guys!   For BE appliance what is the correct way to update Backup Exec 2012?   Through the option in the web interface of the appliance? or using the LiveUpdate as usual.   Is there a web page for Backup Exec where the list of new updates is publ...

mmeeggaann by Level 5
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Backup Exec 2012 + vmware backup + pre post commands

Hi all, i have to run pre/post commands for vmware backups with Backup Exec 2012 (simple commands like net stop and net start) As far as i know pre and post commands do not apply to vmware backups so i have to use pre-freeze and post-thaw but i'm com...

kml by Level 4
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Resolved! Quick questions about the appliance

Hi,   A couple of questions:   1- Can the appliance be remotely accessed?  2- Does the appliance offer any type of encryption besides TSL/SSL for offsite replication for example? 3- Can you for example copy backups to USB disk with long retention per...

BE 3600 R2 Appliance IE

HI All,   I have a BE 3600 appliance installed at a customer site.   I configure it, using domain admin account created for backup exec.   The moment I add the appliance to the domain using the domain admin account, I can no longer log into the Inter...

jploui by Level 4
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Resolved! Appliance question.

Hi,   The company is planning to purchase the Backup Exec appliance but I'm confused about something.   There's 5 branches.. Do we need to purchase an appliance for each site or can we use that appliance or backup exec software to backup all the bran...

GRT restore to exchange 2007 failing

I am able to do a full GRT backup of my Exchange 2007 SP3 (running on Server 2008 x64) and I can also see all of the granular items when creating a restore job.   However, when I run the job from dedupe tape, I get the following:   Completed status: ...

rbiddle by Level 3
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Resolved! Symantec Backup Exec 3600 Appliance

Hi,   I would like to know can we connect the FC Tape Library with BE 3600 R2 Applaince with the help of some converter (Convert FC to SAS).Is This Possible? Most of your client is interested in Applaince but due to SAS connectivity we are not be abl...

Sachinsri2 by Level 3
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Resolved! Backup Exec 2012 duplicate to tape SLOW !!!!!!

Hi, I have 4 BE3600 R2 Appliances and 2 MSL2024 accross 2 sites. I have configured BE2010 to backup Exchange 2010 with GRT and duplicate to other appliance and finally duplicate to tape. Now I see that BE runs a job where it backs up the Information ...

Tinus by Level 3
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Appliance to Appliance Connection

Hi, I have two appliances, one on DR and on production. I have installed my Enterprise Server Option on production and are trying to connect to the DR appliance. I can see the appliance but I can't connect to it. Any ideas on why? Will put up the exa...

Wangui by Level 4
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I have this job on my BE 3600

I have this job on my BE 3600 Appliance and when I ran it to my NAS it took it 10 hours to run i think something is wrong. I looked at the log and it has all kinds of volume shadow copys on it 450 gigs worth which what took the amount of time to copy...

BE3600 R2 IEProxy settings and update through Webinterface

I have read and applied the steps from this article: However, when starting 'Check and Download Updates' from the Webinterface, only Windows updates are downloaded, no LiveUpdates. When starting LiveUpdate fro...

Tinus by Level 3
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Curious about the Backup Exec 3600 Appliance?

In our efforts to keep you connected to the braintrust behind all things Backup Exec, we are doing another AMA on Reddit. For those of you who are unfamiliar, AMA stands for Ask Me Anything. On Friday 01 March, we will be on Reddit from 2-4 PM EST an...

Backing up a Linux VM

Hello,   My company just installed a BUE 3600 appliance. We have began using it to backup our VM environment on one server, but we have another server that has a Linux OS running our wordpress blog. When we try to back it up we get this error.  The j...