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At EV for Lotus Domino Servers, Unable to synchronize or auto-enable mailbox for user

Level 2

The provisioning report always contains the following message for different end user ...

At the summary, is show Errors: 2

- General User Group 3 month Archive - Mailbox Policy - 3 month General Users Unable to synchronize or auto-enable mailbox for user 'CN=Xx" with DB 'mail\XX.nsf' - Error - Unable to save profile doc 'EV_Parameters' in database 'SRV2/SRV!mail\XX.nsf': Network operation did not complete in a reasonable amount of time; please retry


Level 6
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It's not clear in your description if this issue is occurring for all users, a particular user, or particular group of users that reside on a particular target mail server.

There is really not enough information in your description that will give you more than you already know.

The provisioning task is attempting to modify the profile doc in a mail file and can not complete the operation in a timely manner.


I would recommend the following:


1) Review the event logs for errors occurring during the time provisioning processes.

2) Review the entire provisioning reports in order to determine patterns of failure.

    Is it consitently a single user that fails?

    Is it a group of users that fail? If it is the same group determine commonalities between them.

    Are they on the same target server? Same OU? Same target region?

3) Gather a dtrace of the evlotusdominopolicysynch task during a provisioning run.

    If it is just a particular user that is failing then you can gather that dtrace and run the process against that user.


You may need some assistance analyzing this information but may not be able to share that info. here so you may need to call in a support case if you can't share the information here.

It is usually difficult to determine what the root cause of the issue is by just looking at a single error.

It generally takes looking at all the evidence in context in order to get to the bottom of it.

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Hi there. 


I clicked on this as being not resolved and noticed that there has not been any activity in a while on this thread. Are you still seeing the issue descibed above. From the response it looks like some helpful informaiton has been provided and the issue may be resolved.



Can you please let us know the results of information being requested if this issue is still outstanding? Conversely, if you resolved the issue, can please let us know how for our own curriosity? Lastly, if someone above helped you to resolve it... please note their posting as a solution so that others seeking to help do not read through the content of this posting that no longer requires assistance. 

Many thanks and I look forward to your response.