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Resolved! Index Server Groups and backup

Hi everyone, I was thinking about impact of having an index server groups on backup. Let's say I have: 2 EV 10 servers with storage service2 EV 10 servers with indexing service within an index server group We know that when archiving, it archiving se...

Ksimir by Level 4
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Resolved! Archiving fails, EventID3230

Hello.   Since some days, the archiving of mailboxes from our MS Exchangeserver (2003 and 2010) fails with event id 3230. It affects more and more servers and I followed already the hints given in the Event ID text (acces rights, hidden mailbox, etc)...

EV FSA and media files "indexing"

First let me stop in advance any rhetorical question from you. I know that is not possible to index the content of a media files but times ago there were rumors about a third party solution that could interact between file server contents (media) and...

Resolved! Data Analysis Reports Issue

I saw someone asked this same question a while back but there was no solution mentioned. I am wanting to try out some of the Data Analysis reports,  when I go into "Data Analysis Reports" and try and run a report in there it is not working. I don't e...

Resolved! Best practice around hotfix strategy for EV/CA/DA

Hi, We're running EV/CA/DA 9.0.2 I came across this article: Late Breaking News for Enterprise Vault 9.0.2 which list a zillion hotfixes for EV, CA, DA, etc. Some of these look...

goatboy by Level 6
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Resolved! EV 10 cluster configuration

Hi! Can you please help me with cluster configuration of EV 10? My understanding that HA can be achieved by using Windows cluster or configure Ev as building blocks. I never build both solutions and looking for advice what is better and how actully d...

Vlad2010 by Level 4
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Resolved! Enterprise Vault Backup of closed partitions

In efforts to try and get our backups of Enterprise Vault down which is now in to terabytes of data, I am wanting to know if we can remove backing up of closed partitions from the backup selections.  I have already checked the retention category is s...

Resolved! delete orphan shortcuts

Hi Tony We are using EV 9.0.2 We found some of our users has still old shortcuts (Pointing to EV-A which has target exchange 2003 ) present in their mailbox ( current mailbox on exchange 2010- EV-B) I like to delete orphan shortcuts from users mailbo...

mayu by Level 4
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Resolved! File System Archiving searching question

My customer have a FSA system, indexing set to FULL. Here is a part of what the txt file archived contains: ________________________ DM*139*20118*0912~ E*8*0001~ ST*315*0002~ B4***RD*21118*017**TKU*34146*E***N*0~ N9*M*TCKU394146/0~ N9*B*ZIMUANR2...

Resolved! Setting up a Enterprise Vault Outlook anywhere configuration

HI all,   I'm trying to get some information on setting up a Http over RPC/Outlook anywhere configuration with Enterprise Vault and i need help verifying some assumptions   As i know it, we have 2 options:   We can configure a direct connect.  For ...

mekki by Level 2
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Resolved! Archive Timeouts

Where can I find more information on setting timeouts for archive retrieval? Our EV server went down so we can test what would happen in case of an outage. As expected, users could not access their archive. However, when they clicked on an email to r...

Resolved! Unable to see DAG Databases on Target - New Exchange 2010 Server

Hello We just migrated our Enterprise vault server from 1 data center to another and tried to add new Exchange 2010 servers to Enterprise vault domain. Though creating tasks didn't give any issue. I am unable to see the DAG database on "Target" tab o...

AKL by Level 6
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Resolved! Prerequisites for EV 9 in High Availability

Hi, I wanted to know about the pre requisites for configuring EV 9 for mailbox server archiving in High availability. Currently I am installing EV 9 on a standalone server. So in future if I want the cluster setup for high availability is it Possible...

Resolved! Domino archiving and large local db:s

Hi again .. Sure it's good to answer questions but I like not that my case is closed without giving me answers to my questions so here are my questions again .. Apparently, there is no registry hack for Notes / Domino archive of already archived i...

BoTho by Level 5
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