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Outlook Reminders during PST migration

I just ran into this with one of my pilot users.We're running EV 12.2, client is Win10/Office2016.The user has had the EV plugin and his mailbox has been enabled for archiving for a month. Today I enabled client driven migration for him. Within a few...

TJensen by Level 4
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Resolved! Hide icon in outlook

Hide icon in outlook1) I need the archive to be executed, the shortcut to be created but the icon that says the email is archived, I do not want it to appear. How I do?2) When restoring a file from the archive, will it be archived again when? Next ti...

Outlook Add-in Disconnection issue

Dear All,We are having a situation where EV Outlook Add-in disconnect and will not connect back untill we restart the MSOutlook.1. Exchange 20102. Outlook 2010/20133. Enterprisevault version :12.24. User mailbox is configured with outlook anywhereCur...

moula by Level 3
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Resolved! 41309 database disk image is malformed

Hello,One of our customer using EV 11.0.1, he inform me they had electircal issues with the system and Ev server shutdown because of that. Then we index was not working, We fix the index removing asp temp files.(

vaultlearner by Level 4
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Outlook searches fail - Enterprise vault server 11

Hello,We are a Windows 7 shop with Office 2010 and use EV Vault cache 11. Windows has always indexed the vault cache which is in the KVS folder located under local in the profile of the users. Suddenly indexing the vault cache has stopped for all our...

Edyxx by Level 5
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Resolved! Undo SMConfigInstall.exe changes on Windows 2008?

We have some new Windows 2012 R2 server for which we were configuring the pre-requisite as per this article: However, SMConfigInsta...

Creating a New Vault Store

Trying to create a new Vault Store in EV11.0.1 (CHF5), on Windows 2012 R2.We have 4 EV Journal clusters, I was able to create a new Vault Store on the first 3, but on the 4th cluster I get the following event in eventvwr (after 12 hours of it trying,...

LeeO by Level 3
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EV 12.1.1 Move archive blocked in step 3

Hello,We are in the process of migrating archives from one server to another and we are stuck for some archives.We did a dtrace log on evmovearchivetask.exe and we have the following error :EV-H {ShortcutUpdatePhase.SynchronizeMailbox} Exception: Fai...

Resolved! Export archives to original mailbox - reset timestamp?

I have one question. I am migrating our users from EV9 to EV12 by exporting their archives to their original mailboxes, migrating their mailboxes to new Exhange environment which is protected with EV12 and adding them to archiving on that new EV12 se...

Micek by Level 3
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[PowerShell] Use new commands introduced in v.12 in v.11?

Hello,We are currently using EV 11 and need to extract all of our emails as PST files. We are aware that we are able to do this through the UI but would like to be able to script this using powershell.I understand that in Vault v.12 there is a comman...

npotter by Level 2
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how to develope an expiry report with e-mail notification

Hi,first of all, I have created an expiry report with e-mail notification based on the searcho2k.asp. Since EV 12.2, this searcho2k.asp is EOL. So If I perform the upgrade, I have no chance to determine expiring items for each archive.At the moment, ...

FLX by Level 4
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Enterprise Vault decommission

Dear all,We have configured our EV 11.0. Two ev servers on a single site. One server is dedicated to Exchange journal archiving and another EV server for File system archiving.Vault store groups are different for journaling and file system archiving....

MM2014 by Level 3
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Resolved! Set Search Web Browser Outside Company via Internet

Hi Guys,Needing help to set the Search using Browser outside Network Company via Internet.Able search web broswer but only with in company network.Thank you in advance.EV version 11.0.1 chf5Set https on IIS Default Browser Regards,Ton Lachica

Resolved! Upgrade Inquiry

Hello there,Just had a quick question, Can I upgrade directly from EV 8 to EV 9.0.4 or do I need to go to 9.0 first?Appreciate any help. Regards,EVUser

Event ID - 4216. Access denied.

EV Version - 12.2Getting access denied error when user was added to AD group that is also granted Power Administrator access.Only work when user was added directly to Power Administrator access.