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Exchange mailbox moved to Office 365

Hello Team,If we have EV 9 and Exchange 2010, later we move the mailbox to Office 365 where I cannot use EV archive (as EV cloud is not present.)As users have shortcuts in their outlook profiles, so post moving the mailboxes to office 365 the hidden ...

Resolved! EV 11 upgrade & SQL database growth

Hi All,Need help in understanding this:I'm in the middle of upgrading my EV 10.0.4 to EV 11.0.1, what i need to understand is;What all changes the EV upgrade does to SQL databases with regards to DB and transaction logs growth?Is there a supporting a...

Deleted Vault Store in Marked for Deletion State

Dear's,New vault stores were cretaed and archives moved to those vault stores as well new index location were created.I have deleted 2 old Vault Stores and after long time it still remains in marked for deletion stage, also the old index location sti...

Alam_S by Level 3
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Resolved! Server Error in '/EnterpriseVault/Search' Application.

Hi All, Any idea how I can resolve this issue? I have reinstalled IIS, ASP and recreated the virtual directories Server Error in '/EnterpriseVault/Search' Application. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C...

Rdosramos by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Collection Files

Hey All, I am running EV 12.1.0 on a Windows 2012 R2 Vserver. I have enabled collections on the partition in question and have set the CAB file limit to 10MB. Strange thing is that 50MB+ CAB files are being created....Thoughts?? Any help would be app...

Resolved! Vaulted emails doubled in the Server

Hi,EV emails doubled up in the server, 1 email as a vaulted one and another as normal one when try to open an email from outlook panel it points to the shortcut and open the vaulted email. I tried to restore that email where as it changes the icon bu...

Tech100 by Level 2
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Resolved! ev11.0.1 smtp journal archiving

Is it correct to say that I can use SMTP Journal archiving to archive items to users individual archives?Say I have 5000 users in O365 and want an on premise EV archiving solution with an individual archive for each user. I want to O365 to forward al...

CadenL by Level 6
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Update of shortcut content

I'm running a shortcut content update of one mailbox but it seems to be taking a very long time. THe shortcut processing task runs for about 50 seconds but im still seeing shotcuts update days later and only in batches everynow and again. Is this nor...

R0bsk1 by Level 3
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MonitoringWebApp not created

Hi AllCurious issue. We have installed EV12 in 3 different domains (i.e testing and stage). All 3 domains were installed then updated to 12.0.3. One of the domains was updated to 12.1. I hadn't really looked at Ops Manager but noticed after I finishe...

Resolved! Migrate EV 10 to EV 12

Hello All,I have a few questions around migration from EV 10 to EV 12 with hardware, OS referesh and Exchange 2016 activities;Current environment: WIndows 2012, EV 10 and SQL 2012 and Exchange 2010Exisiting Solution: Mailbox archive and Journal Archi...

Itegral by Level 6
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Resolved! Enable SIS on existing mailbox and Journal archives

Current Environment: WIndows 2012, EV 10 and SQL 2012 and Exchange 2010Quick question: around single instance; we have  exchange mailbox archives and Journaling Archives under the same VSG. SIS is not enabled at the monent. If we enable it now, will ...

Itegral by Level 6
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SCOM Enterprise Vault Runas Profile

In the initial setup of SCOM Monitoring the EV Management pack runas profile is distributed to "All Targeted Servers".As a result of this all servers not in the distribution group for this runas account are throwing an error that the RunAs account fo...

greg9 by Level 0
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File server down

Hi All,Silly question but I am going to ask it anyway. We have a file server that has gone down and is unrecoverable.What would the process be to restore the file server including the archive points to a new file server etc?    

Rdosramos by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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How to grant IIS access to admin/monitoring web interfaces

Hi, I am not an IIS expert, but for example vcview.aspx is viewable for non-adminaccounts if I grant them permission via IIS Manager. usage.asp is viewable too, but the Archive stats are only available for the VSA.The whole monitoring directoy Monito...

FLX by Level 4
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Import pst into archive

We are running EV for Microsoft Exchange v11. We are trying to import a pst file into an archive where the mailbox and AD account no longer exist. It fails each time. Before I go further I'd like to know if this is even possible. Thank you.

Resolved! Getting Enterprise vault ready for E-Discovery

Hi All,We are planning to introduce E-Discovery in our current environment of EV.Breif about the environment.EV Version:  EV 10.0.4 CH2No. of users 145000approx EV db size: 500 TBSQL DB 700 GBFew failed indexes.Can anyone please tell me the assessmen...

Windows\Temp - viv_xq_files - Indexing

Hi folks, I wonder if someone can help fill in a blank regards the Windows\Tmp folderI have a scenario where this folder location is filling up with viv_xq_ files which I am working to fix by resolving the underlying issue - indexingMy question thoug...

Rem_y by Level 4
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Resolved! change sharing level - caveats?

Hello all,Currently having 1 Vault Store Group, which has 12 Vault Stores (only Journal).Current sharing is 'within Store'. I want to change that to 'within Group' for all stores. Anyone know if there are possible issues with this?

GertjanA by Moderator
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