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Netbackup Puredisk replication error

I have netbackup puredisk 6.5 existing. All job policy run well and successfull, but not for replication. Replication error is : Remote Job ended with executionstatus ERROR *** Supportability Summary *** jobid = 1924 jobstepid ...

AlitS by Level 2
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Resolved! Puredisk DR Full Backup Does Not work

Hi I am having trouble running Full DR backup Policy. This is started happening when I setup using both Incremental DR backup and Full DR backup policies. When it run the Full DR backup policy it always running Incremental DR backup. I also noticed...

PureDisk and multiplexing

Hi all ! I created in the NetBackup policy client and added to the backup. Backup is performed to the PureDisk. When the backup ends PureDisk then sends the data to NetBackup in LCP policy. LCP policy duplicates the data on the storage tape one stre...

levy by Level 3
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Resolved! sun backup

facing problem with sun servers due to unknown reasons it gets disconnected from network and cant pass on backup data to other servers here is a small log like what happened to 1 of our server which lost connection. ==============================...

Looking to incorporate PureDisk

We've been working towards a DD environment and have had many meetings with various vendors, not to mention the recent buy-out that put some conversations on hold.  I am currently licensed for NB Enterprise 6.5 and started reading about NB PureDisk, ...

Puredisk and support for Classified Message Incident

  Hi One of my colleages told me that at a recent event either someone from Symantec or a Symantec Partner told him that Puredisk has a unique data block erase/overwrite capability. I.e that it can delete a data file from disk, the index pointing ...

MCDIM by Level 2
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Error While Try to Install PD Linux Agent behind NAT

hi, i have a problem when try to install a PD Agent for Linux, the linux client server (2.6.18-128.1.6.el5 ) had a different segmentation IP address from the PDOS storage pool and there's a NAT there between them, also a firewall. The routing is alr...

RudySiau by Level 2
Partner Accredited
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Connection refused

Hi all, since a server crash a view days ago i have a problem with our PD server running PD-version 6.1 MP2 P01. The spool directory grows and grows and grows and grows. No migration to the CR will successful execute. The data removal workflow didn...

Data Selection Templates

Hi, i have another question. Is it possible to transfer Data Selection Templates from one PD server to another PD server? Thx in advance ... Stefan

Resolved! No more login possible after upgrade

Hi all, i'am upgrading our PD - servers to version 6.5. Our oldes PD version in production is PD 6.1 MP2 P01. On a testsystem i made an upgrade to the PD version 6.2.0. After the upgrade i tried to logon to the web-ui with the already under version...

How do I add exclusions for the "Full System Backup" Workflow?

Hello, I'm trying to find where to setup excludes for the "Full System Backup" Workflow. It's a very nice workflow, but since it doesn't seem to use a normal Data Selection Template, I don't know how to modify it globally. It lets me modify it after ...

AKopel by Level 6
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Netbackup products training

Got Training??   Ask us today in this forum about our latest and greatest training offerings for VERITAS Netbackup Administration, Netbackup Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques, Netbackup Vault, Netbackup PureDisk, and Bare Metal Restore.   It’s all ...

rlucas by Level 3
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Unable to Run Policy NetBackup PureDisk 6.2.1

Hi, I have just added some new agents and need to add them to a new data selection template and create a policy for them. When i try and apply them to the policy i am receiving..... Message: Can not run policy 165 Does anyone know what is causing ...

Gez by Not applicable
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PureDisk NIC Bonding

Hello, Does anyone know if network bonding is supported with puredisk ? I mean creating a NIC bonding on PureDisk server ... Thanks.

ElGringo by Level 6
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