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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Net Backup and Hitachi Bluearc

Hi there,   we have recently purchased a bluearc with 50tbs of storage, we are looking for a solution to back this file server up to a tape library either lto4 or lto5. We currently have symantec Backup Exec (newest version) however this does not see...

Netbackup Restore VM

Hi We have Netbackup on a Windows 2008 Server. We have 6 ESX Server. I Installed a ESX Host (Windows 2008)with NetBackup The Backup of the VM work fine. Then i test the restore. First test was to restore a singe file from a VM to t...

stivi65 by Level 3
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Resolved! Netbackup 7.0.1 DAG error 26 and exchangesnapshot error 156

Attempting to backup exchange 2010. Initially created VM servers and started backing up the servers via snapshots. All went well. 2 CAS & 2 Mailbox servers. Created the DAG on mail servers and errors started (156). Configured permissions and new back...

elamarr by Level 3
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Resolved! Windows 7 VSS + Netbackup

Hello once again,   In the master host properties, I've added client A to the list. Selected Open File backups, chose VSS, and chose to abort backup if snapshot fails. On the client computer, I've enabled the VSS service, and restarted both the maste...

Resolved! Recovering NBU Catalog for system refresh

Hello, We are planning on building a new Netbackup instance in order to upgrade, and move from Windows to Linux (Red Hat) all at once. I have read that in order to perform a catalog restore to a new system, that they must be at the same version level...

NetBackup Import/Catalog/Restore from Veritas BE for Netware?

My office is moving from Veritas Backup Exec for Netware 9.2 to NetBackup 7.1 Can that version of Netbackup import/catalog/restore from old SLDT 600 tapes that were created by Veritas Backup Exec for NetWare - versions 9.0, 9.1, and 9.2?  

KevinB91 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Demoting a NBU cluster configuration

Dear Experts, We are running NBU 7.0.1 clustered configuration with SFHA 5.1 SP2. The current configuration is unsupported as the master server is clustered and we are using the same nodes as media server. We want to get rid of the same and demote th...

Resolved! Centralized Backup Solution

Hi All,   we need to integrate one Node having Oracle ASM Database with Centralized Backup Solution . how is it possible to backup the ASM Oracle Database to a Centralized Backup Solution ? Please can you help . Best Regards, Jihad

Ji1970 by Level 3
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Resolved! link to tape fails with oracle

  Hello all,   I am trying to setup media backup on one of the server.  Here is the situation.   This server have 3 DB, 2 DB(11g) are being backed up tape(netbackup 7.1).  Now we have created a 3rd DB on this. the 3rd db version is   The 3rd...

NBU Upgrade to 6.0 MP7 to 6.5.6

  Hi All,   We are planning to upgrade our NBU to 6.5.6 , due to some hardware incompatibility we are unable to upgrade it to 7.5 as majority of our windows client are still in Win 2000 .       Master Server : AIX 5.3 /64 bit Processor and Media serv...

RohitNayal by Level 5
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Resolved! Upgrading NBU 6.0 MP7 to 6.5.6

  Hi All,   We are planning to upgrade our NBU to 6.5.6 , due to some hardware incompatibility we are unable to upgrade it to 7.5 as majority of our windows client are still in Win 2000 .       Master Server : AIX 5.3 /64 bit Processor and Media serv...

RohitNayal by Level 5
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Resolved! Catalog Backup to Disk: Status Code 160: Authentication failed.....

....but when I mount the targeted DR path manually via Windows Explorer it works fine.  I've ensured that the credentials entered in the Disaster Recovery tab of the Catalog Backup policy are correct. It also seems that only the Parent Job of the pol...

wellssh by Level 4
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Blocked Hours

Hi there Is there a way so set something like blocked hours in NetBackup 6.5. That would be a time frame where no Backups should or could run, regardless of manual, scheduled or retry. I'm asking for a certain server which has problems to handle to l...

Resolved! Duplication: SLP job, Status Code 191, but associated Backup successful.

NBU Master v7.0.1, W2K3 Ent. x64; I have several, out of many, VMware clients being backed up by two policies separated by versions of VMware (v4 and v7).  These policies are configured with Lifecycle Storage Policies in association with our Backup-t...

wellssh by Level 4
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Resolved! Client name is not shown

    I have some clients which are 15 characters in length , for example a server is named RAM009087-11125 ,but when I run bperror , it shows only 13 characters, how can I get the full name of my clients when I run the command ?   bash-3.00$ /usr/lo...

SARA_8 by Level 4
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Resolved! Configuration of Netbackup FlashBackup Windows option

Hi,     I would like to configure Flashbackup based backup in one of our clients. I understand that this is a type of raw partition backup with the ability to restore individual files. I would like to take backup of the E: partition. The total size o...

giri_b by Level 4
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Resolved! probleme with ndmp host

hello, I have a ndmphost that was configured with an IP address and not a name I can not rename or delete the list when I do a nbemmcmd - listhost i use the command nbemmcmd -deletehost or updatehost the command wants a  string and I have only one...

fdassonville by Level 4
Partner Accredited
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