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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Incompatible Medium Installed from LTID - regards cleaning tape

Bit of weird one. This might be for the library vendor, but thought I'd try here, and anyone else seen this.I have a Compaq ESL library with SDLT 160/320drives and use SDLT tapes. I also have some SDLT cleaning tapes in the library.Over the weekend a...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Duplication stalling

hi all,Can anyone help me out.We have a duplication script that we run to duplicates.the problem is that after some time the duplication jobs will not continue again.many a times I have to restart netbackup services on the media servers and the maste...

Netbackup Error Message 96 on the server

I have a windows server which has dds drive attached to it. I have installed NB Master server on linux. I would like to know if I can isntall NB Media server on the Windows Serfer and create different polic's which can send few server backup jobs to ...


One of the disadvantages of working with a product for a long time is remembering caveats. I know that SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS for a LTO tape drive should be set to 256K. But, at one time there was a problem doing restores from a windows server that was se...

Stumpr2 by Level 6
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NDMP drive going down

Hi,We have a master server running W2000 for backing up several servers and a NetApp Filer.A few days ago we moved our master server to another domain. Since then NDMP drives are going down spontaneously, even when no backups are running.The only thi...

Eelco76 by Level 2
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Hi to every body, i am facing a problem in nDMP backup first time when i am trying to take full backup it is happening,after that i trying to take increamental again it will taking full backup any body aware of this issue pls suggest me to get out ...

Last Full Backup

Hi,is it possible to get a report from the command line that shows when a last backup was performed for a client?We are running NetBackup Enterprise Server 5.1MP3 on Windows 2003.TIA

file system redirected restore fail

hi , when i made a test about document redirected restore , it restore the document on the NBU master server not the destination client.i check my test step but it's correct. this destination client had been installed the NBU master software on...

Installing NetBackup on a cluster

Reading the administrative guide I came across the following list of steps I am to do to install on a cluster. If this is wrong please correct me now.1). Install Netbackup media server on the active node.2). Bring the netbackup group resources down3...

Can not Backup to Tape have used for Backup Catalog

I have tape that have ever used to backup Catalog. and now i want to use that tape to backup data. i have used command bpexpdate -ev Media_ID -d 0 and vmquery -deassignbyid -m Media_Id ....then i checked use ./available_media. Media ID available. but...

Resolved! Tape Media Drive Not Complete Found

i'm using Sun OS, NBD 4.5 Fp 3 and i have 24 tape drives, when i scan using sun os command i can found my 6 tape drives, check in /dev/rmt/*, but when i sgscan tape i just only found 5 tape drives. i lost drive 2nd. any body can help. this is because...

win2003 failed bmr

My windows 2003 bmr restored failed due to shadow copy restore files..??The source server has this service turned off..??? help

RS_rittle by Not applicable
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unable to eject multiple tapes

I am unable to eject multiple tapes at a time.I am using netbackup 4.5 fp6. It is patched with sun patch 116266-02.The library is a Storagetek L700, 14 drives, 600+slots, 20 CAP slots.I can use the vmadm command to eject a single tape to the CAP.When...

VxSS and Netbackup 5

Hi,I am upgrading 4.5 to 5 Netbackup DC. Do I need to absolutely install VxSS or I can live with plain, simple Netbackup 5? Thanks Falgun

How to Restore WINNT, OS

Hi,We backup All_local_drive- C: E:. And System State. In case of crash, can I install OS, install NB Agent and then restore EVERYTHING including winnt, system state from tape? I tried once and system keeps rebooting. Basically how would I restore wi...

DR Test

If Tapes are being moved from one active NetBackup domain to another Netbackup domain with master server host name different for DR test. what are steps to follow.Please guide me