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Resolved! Converting EV to SSL ( 80 to 443)

Hi Everybody,   we would like to convert our 2 EV servers, 1 in each site (not connected to each other) to SSL.  (Port 80 to 443) What is the process to do this?  Outside of simply clicking the radio button from 80 to 443 on the properties of the EV ...

Resolved! MSCS on VMWARE 4.1 for EV 9

All - we are the process of implementing a new EV installation and would like to benefit from the application level fault tolerance provided by MSCS. Though our preferred method of deployment is on VMWARE 4.1i. I have read a bunch of forum informatio...

EVHolic by Level 5
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Resolved! Another question....

The client doesn't want Basic Authentication enabled and wants to use Windows Authentication - the technote I followed states basic authentication needs to be enabled - is there an method to set a default domain in IIS with Basic Authentication disab...

KeirL by Level 6
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Resolved! Storage Expiry not processing correctly for old archives

We have a number of old archives where the expiry does not seem to work correctly against them.  I call these old archives because the user has long since left the company.  Their mailbox is gone and their AD account is gone.  Using one archive as an...

Resolved! error ID 8390 & 8391

Hi all, I'm using EV 9.0.2. I have a problem with a mailbox. it stops to archive since 4 weeks with the error: An attempt was made to move an ArchiveFolder beneath itself (hierarchy inversion) ID 8390 and 8391. The Dtrace reported this: 685396 12:10:...

Resolved! *.DB & *.MDC Files

I know the MDC file is located in the userprofile\local\kvs....and can be set in the policy "Root Folder" But where can I find the *.db file or set its location? It is not with the *.mdc files.   Also, is there an issue with hiding these files so use...

Resolved! EV SQL query

Hi Team,   i have below sql query but it seems like not working after i upgrade to 9.0.3, and sql 2008. Disable enterprise vault using sql UPDATE Archive SET ArchivingState = 2 WHERE ArchivingState = 1 AND ArchiveName = 'Smith, John' Find numbers of...

Resolved! EV 9.0.2 archiving items outside policy

I recently saw at two customer locations that intermittently, EV was archiving all items in mailbox even which do not meet the mailbox policy. Both customers use EV 9.0.2 and Exchange 2010 Is there a bug that causes this or is a hotfix available for ...

vjose79 by Level 4
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Resolved! mac osx 10.7 access to ev 10 email archive and safari 5

hi currently mac osx 10.7 is still pending ev 10 compatibility for both the outlook plugin for mac office 2011 and safari 5 using OWA i have managed to get OWA working using safari 5 by enabling the developer agent and using user agent opera 11.11 fo...

elbutre by Level 4
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Resolved! read permission to all archives

hi, I want to give read permission to 1 user for all of the EV mbx archives. I dont want to give this right from exchange, and giving manually one by one from VAC is very hard. You have any script or shortcut method for this operation? thanks..

K_G by Level 6
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Resolved! EV Database log backups in 'Simple' mode

Hi Am I able to set the EV logs into Simple mode as our backup solution doesn't truncate the logs well. If I go into simple mode and use SQl backups is recovery any more difficult if we get a corruption.   many thanks Keir

KeirL by Level 6
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Resolved! error when open the archived mail from lotus notes

Hi expert,   so strange that when i try to open the archived mails from the lotus notes, it prompted "notes error:you are not authorized to perform that operation Module: EVLAUNCHDOCUMENT, Line:74" but i have checked the archiving id already gained t...

Resolved! Can not send Email

I changed my Exchange Quota so my email will start archiving. Now I reveive an error message whenever I try to send out an email. According to my EV exchage policy, it should strat archiving when I rach 10% free. I have tons of free space. Why can't ...

Resolved! What dose Enterprise Vault Data Access account use for?

Hi expert,   saw there are two things needed to be configure in the directory of the ev server, one is the service account, another one is data access account. i know that service account is the account which runs all the ev processes and services. h...

Resolved! Zero days shortcut deletion not working?

I have encountered an interesting issue, where I tried to define zero days in the shortcut deletion tab. After "apply" and "ok", I go back to the same tab again and it is as if I never checked the "shortcut deletion" tick box. Tried on both version...

Resolved! IPM message class archive issue

Hi I have a customer who moved email from a different mailing system to their exchange servers. Those emails message class is "IPM" What will be the best way to add this kind of message class without creating a situation where all message classes wil...

Resolved! Configuring two EV Sites for same mailboxes

Hello I have been working on migrating one of database center along with upgrades from Enterprise vault 9.0.1/Windows 2003/Exchange 2003/SQL 2005 to Enterprise vault 9.0.1/Windows 2008 R2/Exchange 2010/SQL 2008 R2 Now typical migrations/upgrades incl...

AKL by Level 6
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Resolved! SQL Query to determine Frequency of Access

Hello I am administering an Enterprise vault 9.0.1 environment with Exchange 2010 SP2 RU1, SQL 2008 R2 all running on Windows 2008 R2 VM servers. Recently I have been asked to determine how frequently are items older than 6 months accessed "without" ...

AKL by Level 6
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