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Resolved! Enterprise Vault DR steps.

Hi, Can anyone help me to setup the Enterprise vault DR site. Primary site Exchange 2010 with DAG. We are implementing the Enterprise Vault 9.0.1 server in Windows cluster environment. The SQL server will be a standalone server. DR site. Exchange 201...

rmohite by Level 3
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Resolved! Backup Exec, SQL agent and Enterprise Vault Agent

Hi, We have Backup Exec with both the SQL Agent and the Enterprise Vault agent.  Which agent should we use to back up the EV databases?  SQL agent, EV agent, or both? I am concerned that if I use two backup agents to back up the databases, they will ...

Resolved! Problem accessing archived emails in Evault

I have a single user that when she tries to pull up any archived email whether in outlook 2010 or archive explorer she cannot see the whole body of the email and cannot access attachments. "there was an error loading this item - some functionality ma...

EV 8 SP5 Operations Manager issues

Hello Guys,   I have recently installed EV 8 SP5 on Windows 2008 x64 SP2. The archiving process is working with no issues whereas monitoring data did not create when I ran the wizard, it just failed (thats normal). I then tried creating the datab...

Itegral by Level 6
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Resolved! Evault 9.0.2 HTTP Client on Outlook 2010

When I attempt to install the Evault HTTP client on a WIndows 7 32 bit PC with Office 2010, the installer fails and prompts that you must have a minimum of Office 2003 SP2 to proceed. I have cleared the temp directories and even tried a new Outlook P...

Resolved! Error 2776 - EV Exchange Archiving

We recently setup a new Win2k8 R2 server which is running EV for Exchange archiving...our version of EV is 9.0.1. Archiving is working fine, however, i'm seeing alot of instances of the following error in Event Viewer...  I've searched Symantec's KB ...

Resolved! Index rebuilds, progress information ?

Hi all,   Is there any good way/place to check the progress or status of an index rebuild ? "Rebuilding" isn't that great as a status, if it takes a long time to do a rebuild you don't know if it has hung or not. So is there any way to actually check...

FreKac2 by Level 6
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Resolved! Script to Enable Archiving on Mailbox based on AD Attribute

Hello I am looking for a script/process to enable mailboxes for archiving based on "Web Page" Active directory attribute in Exchange. Why? We have mixed Macinstosh and Outlook clients in our environmet - Enterprise vault 9.0.1. Currently management i...

AKL by Level 6
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Resolved! Archiving from Lync

Is anyone archiving conversations from Lync? Curious to know what's being done in the field because, from my understanding, IM Manager will not support it.

AndrewB by Moderator
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Resolved! Best practice for un-vaulting users?

My client recently decided to terminate their EV project and wants all of the users "un-vaulted" pretty soon. However, when we tested the Export to PST, it created numerous PSTs with parts of folders across all of them. Is there a way to export based...

Resolved! EV during Migration from Notes to Exchange

We are in the middle of an Email consolidation and will be adding EV 9.0.2 into the mix in short time. All sites are being consolidated onto Exchange 2010. We have one site that is runnind Domino\Notes and they have rules that move mail older than 12...

Resolved! Id 41291

Hello! I've and Exhcange 2010 enviroment with a DAG (mailserver1 and mailserver2). In the VAC i'm  recieving the next message: "It is more than 7 days since any archive-enabled mailboxes on Exchange Server 'MAILSERVER1' were scanned for new archive e...

AG81 by Level 5
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OWA issue on exchange 2007 - 404 page

Hi, I have a weird situation of OWA & ev in exchange 2007. OWA install performed, owauser.wsf was running without any alerts. evanon is created in EV server, TXT file of exchange server is in the right place.   when opening OWA - you can see the arch...

Resolved! EV

Hi there, We want to upgrade to the latest version of EV, we are currently on From having done a bit of research am i correct in needing to go to 8.0.6 first and then onto 9.0.2. If so, can anyone point me towards an article that details ...