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Resolved! Restructuring EV indexes (EV 2007 SP4)

I have a customer who installed EV just for journal archiving. They have just a few (four or so) archives. When they installed, they chose just a single "index location" for the indexing service. They now have about 100 GB of index data in that singl...

Rob_Vollum by Level 4
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Resolved! Moving EV users to new location

Hi, For Info: Windows 2003 domain, Exchange 2003 SP2, EV 7.5. We're having to close our network and need to move our EV to a new site. We can't just move the server (it's a Virtual Machine, which the destination site's staff don't support) so we need...

Doggy by Level 2
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EV search mechanisim

I want to configure the EV seach like, every people can search just their own mails.But in my system after the standart configuration,when i push the searh button i can see the some of the other users.i just want to every user just search own mails(t...

K_G by Level 6
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OWA 2007 problems

I'm a newbie at EnterpriseValut. I've been lately struggling to launch it. I finally managed to do the following successfully:- install and run EV 2007 SP4 at one server.- install and run SQL 2005 DB at a different server.- archive certain mailboxes ...

Upgrading EV2007 SP3 to EV8

Hi Guys, I am getting ready to upgrade my EV2007 sp3 installation to EV8. I have run the Deployment Scanner and it is coming up with a few issues. We run EV2007 sp3 with a 2 server Exchange 2007 Organisation. the 2 parts deployment scanner is failing...

Resolved! Unable to create a new Vault Store

I'm trying to create an additional Vault Store for our Mailbox-archive, but keep getting these errors (from the eventlog) EventID 13360An error was detected while accessing the Vault Database 'EnterpriseVaultDirectory' (Internal reference: .\ADODataA...

Staun by Level 3
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EV for Domino

hi,are there any (symantec) EV people who can some advice about some technical domino topics(see my posts in this forum) ?

AL15 by Level 4
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Exchange 2007 SP1 Rollup 6

Has anyone installed this yet?  Judging by the changes I'm expecting it to break EV OWA integration. I can't find any info on the compatibility charts for it yet.

falcc by Not applicable
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Report EV Mailbox Shortcut Deletion

Hi I have changed our shortcut deletion from 12 months to 9 months . Got the above report . Just wanted to confirm if the NO of old shortcuts ( one of the heading ) is refers to number of stubs deleted.?  ThanksP

EV7 by Level 4
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Public Folder Archive

Hi I have some questions for PF archiving. When I try to add server where PFs are (Journaling database on same server) do I have create system account and how I can create if only PF database on that server) Second question is how to use Override the...

Mambal by Level 4
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Resolved! EV 8.0 not archiving email

I have EV setup, there are no errors in the event logs and my mailbox archiving task runs but never archives anything. I am using Outlook 2003 as the MAPI on the server and everything is set for 3 months of retention. If I go into the archiving task ...

BeezSK by Level 4
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EV Prompting for Logon Credentials

I have a single customer who is prompted for logon credentials when she double clicks an item to open it.  Funny thing though, is that the logon window already has an incorrect username in it.  Once she changes that and provides the correct password ...

SMTP bcc Journaling with EV2007sp4 and Exchange 2007

 Exchange 2007 allows one to target an SMTP address when enabling BCC journaling.  I am aware that Enterprise Vault 2007 supports SMTP journaling.  I have never really liked the Vault Journal method of scraping journal mailboxes.  I am interested in ...

Can the Exchange Journal Mailbox be hidden?

Hi, We are using EV6.0SP4 for Exchange 2003 SP2 on W2k3 SP2 operating system.  Journal archiving is enabled. Please let us know if the Exchange Journal mailbox can be hidden and will cause no problems for journal archiving. Thanks, Anu

Resolved! EV does not work properly

Hi! First i would like to say thank you to everyone for help that provided to me. I would like to ask couple questions. EV 8 installed all tasks and provisioning group created ( Only my account for now). I installed Outlook Add-on, but when I right c...

Mambal by Level 4
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