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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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backup status

Hello, Can anyone tell me how to see the progress of backup using command line..I mean how much percent has been completed and how much is left.2) How to find the media that is being used by active session from commandline..

Socket Read failed. Status 13

I was looking for some information on this issue. I gotta be honest, I have not had much time to do research so I'm starting here.Here is part of the error I am getting from the server from the activity monitor.Error bpbrm(pid=1064) socket read fai...

dslam24 by Level 4
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an easier way to update Windows exclude lists?

I am assuming that using bpgp is not possible because the values are stored in the registry rather than a file? If bpsetconfig can do this, I guess that you need to write the entire contents to it? I only want to make some additional entries. Is ther...

NBU6.0MP4 - How to upgrade? Docs & known issues

Hi,I thought I'll create a post just for all of us that are on NBU6.0MP3 (+EEBs) and are looking to upgrade to NBU6.0MP4.I am preparing it too, and this time we cannot afford partial success...Here are a couple of interesting docs:Upgrading to Verita...

Weirdo NBU 6 Schedule Problem - Validation!

Ever since installing MP4 for NBU6 (Windows) I've noticed a bizarre problem.Nearly all of my backup policies follow a standard model of Daily Differential/Weekly Full, with the Fulls spread throughout the week. Lately I noticed that the Full backups...

Policy-based backups failing with extended error

I have a policy setup that was running correctly up until this weekend for a Full (Weekly) backup job. Below is the error reports from the activity logs. Any help will be greatly appreciated.12/26/2006 9:53:35 AM - requesting resource snbp01-hcart3...

Scripts for Backup Duplication

Hi Experts,We have Netbackup 6.0 Enterprise Server running on Windows 2003 Server. We have library with two drives.We have a requirement to duplicate backups, which we can achieve in 3 ways, inline copy, vaulting and scripts. We cannot use inline cop...

Vault Scripts

Marry Christmas All,I need to write some scripts for offsite vaulting of media...Any suggestions pls..........ThanksRaghu

RMAN failures - suspect RMANs don't like being queued

HiOn unix servers with a lot oracle databases RMAN backup failures appear to randomly fail. The most consistent pattern is it usually on large servers with many databases. The errors reported are media related. I think the oracle netbackup agent &...


I ma running one policy but again and again is is throwing me an error while running. (timed out waiting for media manager to mount volume)52 ukcsbpa1-p POL_MIS_LOGS Daily-Full ukcsbbk1-p 12/23/2006Could anyone help me on th...

MS SQL Server 2005 connection time outs

NB 6.0 mp3 (soon to be mp4) on ms 2003 server sp1.I've been fighting connection timeout errors on both of our ms sql2005 servers.Error is:backup of client xxxx exited with status 41 (network connection timed out)This happens on different databases ra...

RMAN hot full backup is failing

Hi I have netbackup 6 with solaris 8 when we run backup thru RAMN its fail with fallowing error. one day back its working well.RMAN-03009: failure of backup command on ch2 channel at 12/21/2006 13:01:37ORA-19506: failed to create sequential file, nam...

Happy Christmahanakwanzaka!

Just thought I'd say Happy Christmahanakwanzaka! to everyone before they all leave on vacation for the holiday.I hope everyone has a pleasant and enjoyable holiday weekend.Regards,Dave Parker

policy issue

Mary X-mas all,If we r given only policy name only, how do we find 1. Its Attributes i.e no of clients and server, sched etc.2. The policy backup date3 The policy expiry date4. Tape or Media Id / location5. The backup size.6. All related to the polic...

upgrading to 6.x with large catalog?

Looking at environment of NBU 5.1 MP5 running on a Solaris 9 server (4-way / 16gb RAM)The catalog backup is approximately 400gb and takes approx 6-8 hours to backup.Now considering upgrade to NBU 6.0 based off of new options available (encryption @ m...

NetBackup and Netvault sharing one ADIC i2000

Does anyone know if it would be possible for NetBackup and Netvault to share the same i2000? We are currently in the process of a migration from Netvault to NetBackup and will need to have tapes drives available for restore requests from the old syst...

NBU6 MP4: pempersist has moved!

For those of you who delete the pempersist file periodically to clear up scheduling problems in NBU 6, please note that MP4 has moved the location of the file from ...\VERITAS\NetBackup\bin\bpsched.d\ to ...\VERITAS\NetBackup\db\jobs\.And, of course...

VMD connection problems

HiTwo of our Netbackup media servers are logging this error in the Application Event Log:Media Manager error 70, cannot connect to vmd, host = The clients that stream data to the media servers now spend long periods of time either "connecting" or mou...

Port Binding

AllI know that its not a Netbackup ? but do any of you folks use or have setup port binding between two SAN switches. Is port binding the correct way to daisy chain switches?JD

zippy by Level 6
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