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OpsCenter 9.1 help needed, please

I cannot find usable examples to create my own SQL queries.I need a report that shows the tapes written in the last 14 days, sorted by Master/Media Server (4 of them) and sorted by slot number(or a query that shows the written tapes that have a slot ...

citrix xen VMS backup

Hi guys,Does anyone know if it is possible to backup a whole VM on citrix xenserver using netbackup ?VM guest os = centos 6Netbackup Master/media = version 10Thanks

NBRNTD - create many logs

Hello Good afternoon, the nbrntd process is generating a lot of logs every 3 min and consuming a lot of space, also the log reports the following. 0,51216,387,387,99322223,1674670942658,163081,140735952483712,0:,68:[Statistic] 11 link_id:33 Network b...

robertoaxity by Moderator
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Backup Exec Reconfigures the Backup host more than 10 times

Hello,We are trying to implement Backup exec to our backup infrastructure and using a trial version for testing purposes. We are going to use the software as virtualized backup hosts on VMWARE 6.5 so we are using the transport mode HOTADD. The backup...

murath by Level 0
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VM snapshot Backup

Dear Team,I want to configure VMs snapshot Backup, kindly share the steps how to configure it.Netbackup 9.1VSphere client

Resolved! unable to add RHV manager to NB master

Hi @allWe are unable to add the RHV manager in the netbackup webuierror message saying invalid authentication informationswe entered this fileds as below- FDDN of the RHV manager- username of the RHV manager : "root"- password of the rhv manager user...

SDR - Restart network services

I recently was trying to restore a computer using a SDR *.ISO on a virtual machine.The ISO booted and complained on a non-existing network interface.I was able to load the drivers for the virtual network card from a CD and the network interface appea...

NicoNi by Level 4
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Integration NetBackup Appliance - Nutanix

Hi Guys,I´m following the documentation but I´m lost at the point to take backups, so I have some questions:- According to the documentation, we should use ISCSI, is this documentation related to backups/restores?- The Primary and the media server ar...

AndresV by Level 6
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Migrating backup data to new server

Planning the Netbackup migration to new hardware.Took this article as guidance: have question about backup data.If i want all backup data to be available on a new server also, then what folders ...

JP8 by Level 3
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migration LTO6 to LTO8 tape

Hello,We have a new backup environment: Netbackup 10.00, LTO8 and LTO6 library, Linux OS. Everything is up and running.Now, we want to eliminate the LTO6 tape, it´s meaning, we are migrating LTO6 tape to LT08, following the tape import process, step ...

Job stays in "queued" Status for 2 hours

One backup job stays in queued state for about 2,5hours then  continues.The client is connected via a VPN (wireguard). To be honest, the network speed is poor(~40-50 Mbit/s)How can I imporve this? Maybe it is caused by an antivirus system (sentinel) 

NicoNi by Level 4
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Veritas Appliance MSDP over 85%

Got a warning message from our 5250 appliance today, regarding the status of the MSDP.  It suggests I "cleanup the partition and re-check status".Is there a documented process for 'cleaning up the partition'?  I feel like the MSDP is just a big black...

nholtz by Level 3
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NetBackup Protects Nutanix AHV Workloads in a VPC

Starting in NetBackup 10.1.1, we can now protect virtual machines (VMs) within Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) within Nutanix AHV.    Add the AHV Prism Central Server using NetBackup’s WebUI, within the Nutanix AHV workloads, to ensure discovery of the...