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Don't Display Option Advanced Disk

Hi guys, I need help to understand something very master server is Windows Server 2012 R2 with NBU 8.2 and as you can see when I try to create Advanced Disk don't see this option and is so hard to understand, I don't no the reason this ...


AD groups with Single Sign On

I have configured SSO with ping and was able to configure the SAML User successfully with the following format <username>@<doman>the problem now is that I am trying to configure the SAML groups with the same format and I am able to add them to the we...

SAN Client devices simulation

Hi,for my private lab practice, i would simulate a san client configuration. i've a little esx server.Is there a chance to simulate devices? Maybe may i use iscsi connection?Someone use something like this, to improve Netbackup skills?Thanks in advan...

Using MariaDB plugin to backup MariaDB

Hello Forum Guru'sWe are deploying ServiceNow into our production environment and I was hoping that I could be guided on how to achieve successful backup with the client. I have been going through the MariaDB admin guide which is a bit sketchy in pla...

Backup Selections

Is there any way when i want to add two different Folder/Files from two different Clients on the same Policyexample: Client A , Folder C:/A     Client B,  Folder B D:/Bis there any way to do that?

mkasapi by Level 3
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API call for nbstlutil

I am having problems with replications on multiple of our master servers.I manually execute "nbstlutil report" command to see if there are any incomplete SLP copies on backlog.Is there an API that will show the same kind of data for SLPs? I would lik...

Replacing Windows Media Servers with Linux Media Servers

Good Afternoon.I have a customer planning to replace his existing Windows Media Servers with new RHEL servers, and I'm wondering if that will cause issues when trying to use the new Media Server to restore older images. We suggested they keep the win...

Expired backup sets not deleting after migration

I have recently migrated Backup Exec 21.4 to new hardware (Windows 2019). The new server has a different name. The migration when fine, but the backup sets that expire will not delete. BE is set to delete expired sets and the registry key is also set...

Request API with filter option

Hello,I would like to filter from requesting API.curl -k -X GET https://master:1556/netbackup/catalog/images?filter%3DclientName%20eq%20%27CLIENT_NAME%27 -H 'Accept: application/vnd.netbackup+json;version=2.0' -H 'Authorization: MY_TOKEN_HERE' | json...

Claudus by Level 2
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Install vCenter HTML5 plugin without GUI

Hi!We have a setup with a RHEL7 Master server and two 5250 appliances. It's used for a vSphere 7 plaform. We'd like the HTML Plugin installed, but I can't find an instruction for how to install it without a GUI. Our Master server runs without a GUI, ...