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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Exchange 2007 failing Netbackup 6.5.4

I'm getting hte below error when trying to run a manual backup of exchange. I did the basic install and am not aware of any add ins for exchange, am I missing any thing? A NetBackup extension product is required to perform the requested operation. ...

Poor backup performance on CIFS Celerra shares

Hi, I've migrated one file server to my new NS-480 filer. I cannot use NDMP cause in my DR site I haven't any Celerra that allow me to use NDMP. So I've to backup Cifs shares in "old" way. But Backup performance are very very poor. I cannot reach m...

riker82 by Level 3
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Resolved! Backup policy firing Multiple time

Dear All we are facing an problem in our enironment . We are having totally 900+ policy . Some 10 policies are firing repeatedly within  the backup windows .sue to this our tape utilization goes high . For example we can say a single policy is firi...

shans by Level 4
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Sharepoint Agent - Object permissions after restore

Hi, we are thinking of using the SharePoint agent to backup/restore our MOSS 2007 Farm. I wanted to know if anyone could advise us as to whether a restored object would retain the original ownership, or that of the Farm Admin running the restore? We ...

Resolved! Media Erase

Product Version: Netbackup 6.5.4 Hi, I am having a few problems trying to erase some old tapes to reuse them again. When I attempt to erase the media in the active monitor window I get a status code 98.  In the job details window I receive this ...

exchange 2007 backup is slow

we are having netbackup 6.5.3 with exchange is in cluster mode (active/active/passive0 The mailbox  Backup of one exchange server is very slow. but the information store runs fast One exchange server is taking 9 hours for backing up data and another...

fahis by Level 3
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Backup size alerts

Not sure if I am searching Google correctly for this so I though I would ask. We are running Netbackup 6.5.4 (with Blat installed) and I would like to know if there is a way to configure Netbackup to send an email message when any of the backups exce...

npolite by Level 5
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NetBackup with IBM SVC

I have a customer who would like NetBackup Snapshot Client to work with IBM SVC storage. I have suggested Storage Foundation as a solution but the contact is not in control  of that decision.   Is that on the roadmap? Is it often asked for?

calendar based schedule

Can a calendar based schedule be setup from the command line? What parameters need to be set to get the "specific dates" I see in the gui. I am working with a Netbackup 6.5.31. server and soon will be converting TSM clients to Netbackup policies and ...

reggiej by Level 3
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Incremental backups consistently getting error code 14

Here's the environment: Solaris 10 Master/media servers running NB 6.5.1 Windows 2000 client running 5.1 MP5 client has a SAN drive with approx. 650GB of data, across 3 million files, in addition to C and D, and is part of a cluster. I only get thi...

LAToro by Level 4
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Resolved! Eenie Meenie Minie Mo

Working on my 6.5.5 upgrade Change Control.... When I first started with NB in 3.x I down loaded 2 files..... Now I am looking at 10 files....  and getting a little confused..... My current level is windows - I got - easy - 1 file for 32bi...

NetBackup 6.5.4 duplicating tapes on streamer - problem.

Hello All, It is my first discussion. Could You tell me if duplicating tapes are possible using a streamer ? If yes please send me small how to, because now i do everything that I found in HELP and SYMANTEC, and I have error 830 -> Error nbjm(pid=4...

tkurowski by Not applicable
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Backing up VMs as flat files

I'm running NetBackup Enterprise 6.5.1.  I'm trying to backup a RedHat 5 client.  On one of the volumes of that server has some VMware virtual machine backups.  These aren't running VMs..they're just a copy of some .vmdk and .vmx files. When I try t...

gr_joel by Level 3
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Partial success for win2k8 servers.

Hi All, Recently I had added Windows 2008 ent servers for backing system state. I had selected the win 2008 directive->system state for backup selection. I am getting folowing message in job details:  - Error bpbrm(pid=9656) from client WIN2K8 Se...

Rithesh by Level 4
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Windows client with error 13

We have master server 6.5.3 and windows 2003 cleint with 6.5.3 version The client is failig with the error code 13 and below is the error 12/8/2009 10:33:51 PM - Error bpbrm(pid=27150) socket read failed: errno = 62 - Timer expired    12/8/2009 10:...

check coverage with NDMP backups

Hi ! We need to specify each volume we want to backup in ndmp policies, and bpcoverage does not work with NDMP, so, anybody has a recipe/script to check ndmp backups coverage ? A command line ndmp client ? Regards, Ludo. (I've also added this in ...

lu by Level 6
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abnormal available_media output

Dear Netbackup folks , my available_media output is as below , and I dont know why the output is like this ?  and means what ? 0075L3  HCART    NONE     -       -      -       10*    35062316        IMPORTED /FULL/SUSPENDEDFROZEN/MPX 0081L3  HCAR...

abnormal available_media output

Dear Netbackup folks , my available_media output is as below , and I dont know why the output is like this ?  and means what ? 0075L3  HCART    NONE     -       -      -       10*    35062316        IMPORTED /FULL/SUSPENDEDFROZEN/MPX 0081L3  HCAR...

Please tell me "" acount & password

 It's need acount & password. VERITAS NetBackup (tm) Server / Enterprise Server 6.0 System Administrator's Guide for UNIX, Volume 1 (Japanese) And...

ozwing by Level 2
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