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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Any way to run vltopmenu from a remote workstation?

I need to find a way to allow (non NetBackup) people to run vltopmenu to inject/eject tapes for a smaller library.   Only thing is I am not sure about getting them acces to the Master to run vltopmenu - somewhere along the line a predecessor made the...

Resolved! solution to solve 98

mounting xxxx 1/21/2014 5:41:01 PM - Error bptm(pid=6088) error requesting media, TpErrno = Robot operation failed      1/21/2014 5:41:02 PM - Warning bptm(pid=6088) media id xxxx load operation reported an error      1/21/2014 5:41:02 PM - current m...

madhuri by Level 4
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Resolved! Deduplication on Full Backups

I've been tasked with detailing the amount of server data backed up for a large number of client servers.    Does Deduplication take place on full Backups? i.e. Is the file size contained within the Detailed status of a Full backup job, a true repres...

RNW_76 by Level 3
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Resolved! Netbackup Master Server Refresh

Present Setup : 1. Windows 2003 EE Master Server running Netbackup 2. Netbackup Appliance 5220 configured as a Media server. 3. One SAN Client and Four SAN Media Servers. 4. IBM 3573 Tape Library. SAN Client backs to the appliance first and t...

SANGSDK by Level 2
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Resolved! error 49

Hi, details about the setup Master is linux Client/Master = Client of xyz NetBackup Client Platform = PC, WindowsXP NetBackup Client Protocol Level = 7.5.0 Product = NetBackup Version Name = 7.5 Version Number = 750000 NetBackup Installation ...


Dear Experts, Could somebody please tell me the difference between BPDM VS BPDBM? Thanks, Hargyan

Image cleanup jobs failed with status code 174

Hello,   We are running netbackup on windows server 2008 R2 SP1. Recently, many jobs of image cleanup failed us with status code 174, actually all the image cleanup jobs that failed with 174 is failed from the same storage unit. Our topology ...

Sisso by Level 5
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ESXI 5.5 supported or not?

Hi all,    does Netbackup supports ESXi 5.5 or not? in doc Support for "NetBackup 7.x in virtual environments" I found out that it is not supported, but in doc "NetBackup 7.5 Feature Briefing Application Protection for VMware Virtual Machines...

Resolved! Reg netbackup Accelerator usage

Hi ,   We are currently using Netbackup and Media server as Netbackup Appliance 5220 2.5.3 . I am working on using Netbackup Acceslerator for our windows file server backups and had a query for the same. Can we revert back to the previous nor...

Resolved! Installing agents and other things related to netbackup

Master server Name : KSC-MEDIASRV.XXXXXXXX.local Operating System: Windows 2008 Server standard NetBackup Version: Cluster : None   Media Server Name: KSC-MEDIASRV.XXXXXXX.local Operating System: Windows 2008 Server standard NetBackup Version...

Netbackup Echange 2010 Sytem Backup

I have a single exchange server with a stand alone (non DAG) information store database.  I have configured granular recovery backups (GRT) for it as outlined in the video linked below and it works flawlessly.   My question now is how do I back up th...

Opscenter post upgrade wont start!

Posting here as its sqlanywhere really and more traffic here: POST UPGRADE LOG: I. 01/16 14:50:56. Starting database "vxpmdb" (/opt/SYMCOpsCenterServer/db/data/vxpmdb.db) at Thu Jan 16 2014 14:50 I. 01/16 14:50:58. Opening dbspace 'symcOpscache' in ...

Resolved! NetBackup client-side deduplication and Multiple policies

NetBackup client-side deduplication and multiple policies    I found this article And especially  A NetBackup client using change journal support must belong to only one polic...

yobole by Level 6
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Resolved! Need command

Hi,   I have Linux master and media server access, i dont have access to widows clients, getting bpbkar and bpcd logs verified is time consuming.   Query is Is there any possible way to get the client logs (bpbkar and bpcd) from master server itself....

Resolved! NetBackup failed job alerts

Hi All, I need to setup an e-mail alert system in our environment for NetBackup ONLY FOR FAIELD JOBS. Currently we are receiving alerts for both failed & successful jobs. I have gone through: