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Resolved! How to migrate backups between MSDP's

Hello people. I have a domain with two MSDP but a MSDP this with 89% in use and another 35% in use and I have backups with one-year retention. In this case, I wonder what is the best practice to migrate a backup between MSDP? I need to reduce a us...

rfmonteiro by Level 3
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Resolved! New Device Mapping File for Netbackup 5230 Appliances

Hi all, I am trying to find the latest Device Mapping File that is suitable for installing on Netbackup 5230 Appliances... I have found a Linux one (Linked below), but I am unsure if I can use that one for my 5230 Netbackup Appliances, as it is not...

Resolved! MSDP Configuration Tuning on NBU5230

Hello, I deployed an NBU5230 version as an MSDP media server. We have performance issue with tape out from the appliance MSDP so I do a little research on the internet. I found that there are some settings we can tune on the

Kong_Hoong by Level 3
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Resolved! SLP Duplication to LTO -5 Tapes speed very slow

Hi I am using NEtbackup Appliance 5220 with 2.5.1. The configuration is 4 Fibre Connected LTO-5 Tape Drives with MSDP pool of 32 TB.  I have created SLPs to first backup data to MSDP pool and then to Tapes. The first problem is i cant see the speed...

Resolved! interrupt when backup large SQL databases

Hi, Usually MSSQL backups are interrupted at the middle of backup, it success if try again second or third times. We tried scenerios below,(First tried with version, then and result is same) What is the root cause of the problem do yo...

Dedupe pool scale out to 5020 appliances.

We have six appliances (5020) with 32 TB each for total dedupe capacity of 192TB without requirement of replication. We can combine these appliances in following proposed patterns A) Single 192TB global dedupe pool combining all six appliances B) Tw...

Resolved! 5220 Slow Backup Performance

Hi everyone. We recently invested in two 5220 36TB appliances to replace the 7.1 Windows media servers we were using. We are moving to (almost) tapeless backups and the appliances seemed a good a bet. We wil be running the two in alternate sites usin...

Ed_Carter by Level 4
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client backups Status 87 & 83, with 5020 appliance

Hi, I have been encountering some issues with backups within a netbackup environment. The topology is  1 x Master server - RHEL 6.3 (virtualised) 2 x Symantec 5220 2.5.1 appliances (media servers) 2 x Symantec 5020 appliance...

Netbackup and Netbackup 5020 appliances

Hello, We are looking to deploy Netbackup and two Netbackup 5020 appliances with version firmware, with optimized duplication between the appliances. I am keen to hear about the experiences (good and bad) others have had using this co...

evansmp by Level 2
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Random Problem with N5020 (backup/restore)

  Problem NetBackup deduplication disk pool/disk volume intermittently goes to a DOWN state.  Backups/restore/duplications can fail with status 213 no storage units is available and 2074.   Here is our setup:   One NetBackup Master Server wit...