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Netbackup Appliances 5230 with PureDisk: How many streams?

Hi all, We recently migrated to Netbackup Appliances running Netbackup (Appliance version ) We are running 2 appliances per site, each site is its own NBU domain (We use AIR to replicate). Each appliance is configured with a 70TB Pure...

Resolved! Advanced Disk Space v De-Dupe Disk Space - 5230 Appliance

Hi, We have a new 5230 appliance where the internal disk has been set up (by default) in the following way: Catalog 20% - around 930GB Advanced Disk 16% De-duplication Pool 64% We intend to backup to site A, then use AIR to replicate to site B (anoth...

lt13624 by Level 4
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Possible to rename PureDisk storage server?

Hello, I apologize in advance if this has been asked, but my search did not come up with anything. My question is a simple one, but may not have a simple answer:   Is there a way to rename a PureDisk storage server?   Thanks! Jack

Puredisk Appliance GUI sort order

Hello, I have a Puredisk Appliance.  When I use the web GUI and go into the Manage->Policies area, the agents appear in the order they were added to the system instead of alphabetical order.  This makes it very difficult to find the agent names when ...

Parallel restores from MSDP's

Can anyone tell me if there is a limit to the number of restores that can be launched/running concurrently from a single MSDP, and if so what the constraints are based on?

MaryR by Not applicable
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Puredisk system state job never runs

Hi All, new to Puredisk. For a long time now the system state and services backup never runs. It starts with "Prepare Backup Client Side" - and says "Aborted by Watchdog" Job 49846: Aborted by Watchdog window exceeded  *** Supportability Summary ***...