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Spool and Spad are not starting -2106

Hello,   I'm seeing one of my disk down going under the follow error in the OS (linux):  ./spad --trace Error: 25002: BadValue : (none) File     : /etc/pdregistry.cfg Section  : Symantec/PureDisk/ContentRouter Entry    : ConfigFilePath Reaso...

Luiz_Prina by Level 4
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Netbackup Appliances 5230 with PureDisk: How many streams?

Hi all, We recently migrated to Netbackup Appliances running Netbackup (Appliance version ) We are running 2 appliances per site, each site is its own NBU domain (We use AIR to replicate). Each appliance is configured with a 70TB Pure...

How to reduce STU size 6805                                                             9915776 66940254720 1119661056    99%    /opt/app/ebr/cfpddr05/csprd211/nfs_stu0                             ...

Resolved! Error 83 after server reboot,

When I reboot my NBU on Win2008R2 with MSDP, immediatly after the server is online, and a backup job is scheduled, I get error 83 on that job. If I retry the job a few minutes after the jobs runs just fine. I have seen this behaviour more tha...

kybeer by Level 5
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Puredisk storage migration

Hi everyone, I'm new to puredisk, my company wants to decomission the storage array where puredisk is running. The storage pool it's about 4TB. What is the best way to migrate the storage pool on a new physical array? new LUN are already visible to t...

beaumont02 by Level 0
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CLI Command For Dedup Rates

NBU Experts,   Do any of you know if there is a CLI command  that can tell the dedup rate for all the images created, and stored in a PureDisk pool? For examaple, if I run bpimagelist on the master server I get some good info, but not the dedup rate ...

Creating MSDP Linux RH NBU

Hi,   Just a quick question. I need to get the actual path so that I can setup MSDP on a RHEL5 media server (, Windows is easy since it would be E:\MSDP or whatever you would use for the logical drive letter.   NBU is installed on the primary...

wan2live by Level 3
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PureDisk cause to netbackup`s 48 error

  Hello, Optimized duplications from Production Storage server to DR storage server via SLP fail with status 84, but backups to both Storage Pools complete successfully.    Job Details: 21/11/2011 14:22:51 - Critical bpdm(pid=5672) sts_copy_extent fa...

NetBackup PureDisk backup fails with 2074 error

Circumstances - all backups sent to a PureDisk storage unit failing with status code 2074 - Disk volume is down Would bring the disk up - /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbdevconfig -changestate -stype PureDisk -dp Pure_stunit_name -state UP The di...