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Hello All, As part of troubleshooting in pure disk environment for systems state failures. how to check that for windows 2003/2008 R1 or R2 clients have latest VSShotfix or how to check the server require latest vsshot fix. Please let me know

Anil_B by Level 4
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System state failures in pure disk

Hello All, it was windows 2008 r1 Client backup is failing with system state(completing with 64%), and getting below errors. Error: 2: resource child process: snapshot required but there is nothing to snap: no such object Error: 2: name process: u...

Anil_B by Level 4
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Resolved! Puredisk server Catalog restore

So let's say I have a local master server "master1" and a local media server "media1" and a remote media server (DR) "remotemedia1".  I currently have both "media1" and "remotemedia1" set up as puredisk server with MSDP.  So when I do catalog backu...

Resolved! Images Not expiring off Disk Netbackup 7.6

Hello I have noticed that one of our PureDiskVolume deduplication disks has filled up (above 95% water mark). I have expired some old images that are no longer required, I have done this but the space has not been cleaned up. I understand there is a...

Resolved! How to restore MSDP master/media server after disaster

Hello, This is my first post.    We have two NetBackup 7.0.1 servers. Both W2008R2 ent. Both VMs. We use MSDP feature. Both servers have 10Tb drives to hold images.   Catalog backup jobs are configured. Key file is copied over the network to an...

NBU-Duplication issue

hi guys,   i'm facing a strange issue when duplication images from my AdvDisk... if i run backup with my Netbackup to Advdisk its successful and duplicating simultaniously to puredisk the performance is  OK up to  (87000KB/SEC) if i run backu...

Unable to start postgresql 8.3 service for MSDP

Hi , I'm using Netbackup 7.5 and just move netbackup to new server and recovered full catalog. After that unable to restart postgresql 8.3 service , Deduplication services and backup is giving 2074 error "storage server is down " Waiting for solution...

How to enable SPA replication?

Hi, I have PureDisk storage pools running EEB20. I cannot enable SPA Replication from the Central SP. There is no SPA replication policy available and I cannot use Configuration - Topology - Enable SPA Replication. The funny thing is that the...

f25 by Level 4
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PureDisk DR Option

Hi Using netbackup puredisk integrated into NBU 7.1 as PDDO.  PureDisk backups are replicated to our DR site via Netbackup SLP to an additional pure disk storage pool.  In the event of a DR situation we have a separate master server available (separa...

leejw by Level 2
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PureDisk Disaster Recovery

Hi all, We have a PureDisk Node all-in-one in We have configure DR Policies (Full and Incremental) via NetBackup These policies are running fine without any error. We wanted to try a Disaster Recovery on an alternate server (VM) wit...

Puredisk Hardware Migration??

Hi, Does anyone have any tips, ideas, documentation on replacing\migrating Puredisk servers to new hardware?? I have 2 x Puredisk servers (1 x CR, 1 x SPA-and-all-other-roles) that are on old servers that I need to replace. The /Storage partitions re...

NBU PureDisk Recovery

Dear Team, - I've a PureDisk Server in my environment and have integrated that with the Netbackup Server. I will be performing a Disaster Recovery Drill of the PureDisk Server on the same server. I'll be formatting the original PureDisk server and wi...

Dishant by Level 5
Partner Accredited
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Resolved! Re-provisioning EMC Clariion Storage to Pure Disk

We're running a POC with 10TB allocated (EMC Clariion), problem is we need to move storage for better utilization - we've created clone and will snap copy data to LUN - present copied data to PD with previous host ID. So from PD persective would look...

NetBackup Optimize Deduplication to Puredisk

I am setting up NetBackup 7.01 (Windows 2008 R2) media server for Deduplication .  I want to then setup a PureDisk server for optimized deduplication from NetBackup and Backup Exec 2010 at our DR site.  When setting up the PureDisk server that will b...

Disaster recover with PureDisk 6.6 and NBU 7

Hi All, I've been looking around forums for a while now but no one seems to eb doing anything similar to what I'm after. I need to do a mock disaster recovery of our NBU master server from the backups on an off-site pure disk server. I did not do th...

nlc_ICT by Level 2
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Netbackup products training

Got Training??   Ask us today in this forum about our latest and greatest training offerings for VERITAS Netbackup Administration, Netbackup Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques, Netbackup Vault, Netbackup PureDisk, and Bare Metal Restore.   It’s all ...

rlucas by Level 3
Employee Accredited Certified
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