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Resolved! postgresql corrupted

Goodmorning,   After a crash of my server the netbackup deduplication engine does't start. I found this in postgresql logs: 2014-09-18 08:20:48 CEST LOG:  database system was interrupted while in recovery at 2014-09-17 16:50:14 CEST 2014-09-18 0...

System state failures in pure disk

Hello All, it was windows 2008 r1 Client backup is failing with system state(completing with 64%), and getting below errors. Error: 2: resource child process: snapshot required but there is nothing to snap: no such object Error: 2: name process: u...

Anil_B by Level 4
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Resolved! About Pure Disk

Hi All, Kindly let me know the following few questions about pure disk. 1)what is pure disk? 2)About pure disk architecture? 3)About pure disk deduplication? 4)About pure disk web user interface? 5)Can i know the role of vssadminlist writers re...

Anil_B by Level 4
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Resolved! Images Not expiring off Disk Netbackup 7.6

Hello I have noticed that one of our PureDiskVolume deduplication disks has filled up (above 95% water mark). I have expired some old images that are no longer required, I have done this but the space has not been cleaned up. I understand there is a...

PureDisk Login Error

Hi, We are not able to login to PureDisk. We get the following error message at the login screen   ; nested exception is: Operation Failed    This w...

AnyKey by Not applicable
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Resolved! multiple "Task ended on server PureDisk:"

Hi I'm getting multiple error messages in the Problems / Disk Log in Netbackup administration console: "Error    0    33280    Task  ended on server PureDisk:SERVERNAME on host SERVERNAME.                nbemm" Jobid=0 Type=33280 Process=nbem...

kybeer by Level 5
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Puredisk 6.6.3 export to Netbackup failing with Error5

Hi, Im getting below error message when try export data from Puredisk 6.6.3 to Netbackup (tape backup) please advice the solution   Error: 5: Failed to create an XBSA object [2013-Jun-16 20:50:04 PDT]Error: 5 : Failed to create an XBSA object Error...

logen by Level 3
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MSDP status 2074, but volume is not down

Does anyone here have any experience yet using Cisco UCS blades as NBU media servers? We are migrating our existing Oracle x86 and Solaris Sparc media server hardware connecting to Data Domains over NFS, to Cisco UCS blades running Red Hat Linux and ...

Mass delete error messages

When sorting though error messages in Puredisk, we have 33,611 critical error messages. the error itself has been resolved, but I would like to remove these messages. Does anyone know a way to mass delete these? Right now I can only remove them 20 or...

Puredisk system state job never runs

Hi All, new to Puredisk. For a long time now the system state and services backup never runs. It starts with "Prepare Backup Client Side" - and says "Aborted by Watchdog" Job 49846: Aborted by Watchdog window exceeded  *** Supportability Summary ***...

PureDisk cause to netbackup`s 48 error

  Hello, Optimized duplications from Production Storage server to DR storage server via SLP fail with status 84, but backups to both Storage Pools complete successfully.    Job Details: 21/11/2011 14:22:51 - Critical bpdm(pid=5672) sts_copy_extent fa...

Dedup broke after 7.5.0 to upgrade

Help. Symantec tech support is not providing any ideas or solutions.   We upgraded from 7.5.0 to and during the upgrade process MSDP brroke.   The spoold, spad processes spawn. However, there is no listener on port 10082. Poking around and go...

PureDisk Apache Error

hi,   we have PureDisk 6.5 that was running fine, but recently i applied patch 6.5.1 and check all working fine then i applied hotfix this applied successfully but after completion when i tried to login from web console and tomcat apache arro...

mumair109917 by Level 6
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NetBackup PureDisk backup fails with 2074 error

Circumstances - all backups sent to a PureDisk storage unit failing with status code 2074 - Disk volume is down Would bring the disk up - /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbdevconfig -changestate -stype PureDisk -dp Pure_stunit_name -state UP The di...

Resolved! MSDP Pool Down

So spoold just crashed and I am unable to get it back up. I was just wondering if anyone else had seen anything like this. The Environment is Win 2k3 64 on Here are the seamingly relavant log entries from spoold. Any help is appriciated. Tha...

PureDisk Replication Errors

How do we reolve Pure Disk Replication Error: Error: 53 : __replicate_DO_refop_batch: Could not process reference operation batch for replication batch entry 0-165, cache: connection actively refused . Replication is failing .

mumbiv by Not applicable
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Puredisk backup hung at 2%

Puredisk backup for one of the client and only one data selection is hung at 2% (prepare backup client step). Backup would not progress beyond that, we tried clearing tmp folder but that didnt work, but after splitting the backup it worked. Please le...

PDDO Data Removal does not run

Hi, Setup : NBU 7.0.1 sending PDDO backups to PureDisk Problem that we are facing on the PureDisk server is that the PDDO Data Removal policy runs, but it stays at 0% and does not clean any data. Any suggestions? TIA Stefaan

SP Consistency Check Error

I have a 5020 appliance running (planning to upgrate to at some point), but there are 2 SP consistency jobs that keep constantly failing (after running for a while), week after week, on 2 specific datasets (across 2 different servers)...

Speeder by Level 3
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